World environment day 2018

Each year 5th June is celebrated as world environment day as decided by the United Nations (UN)
India is the global host of celebrating the day in the year 2018. The theme this time is β€˜Beat Plastic Pollution’. The campaign started in the year 1974 and since that time 5th June is the day for like-minded people to exchange the message with each other.

On his greetings for the day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes on ensuring the future generations a green and clean environment in harmony with nature.
The president of India Ramnath Kovind says about reaffirming our commitment to a cleaner and sustainable earth.

Vice president M. Venkaiah Naidu requested citizens to go back to our roots and protect the nature. He says that time has come for every citizen to hand in hand together to abolish single-use plastic and save the environment.
 As observed by the United Nations, the plastic produced in the last decade is much more than the plastic produced in the last century. According to Central Pollution Control Board report, about50% of plastics used are single-use products like straws. About500 million straws are used every single day in the U.S. alone.

 For India 2018 World Environment Day is a mission. At an event Harsh Vardhan, Union Environment Minister urged every Indian to take up Gren good Deeds in their everyday life.
Some facts related to Plastic pollution
In every single year, up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used.

In every year 13 million tonnes of plastic is thrown in the oceans which means a full garbage truck every minute.
The plastic produced in the last decade is more than the plastic produced in the last century.
505 of the plastic people use is disposable or single-use.
In every minute 1 million plastic bottles are sold.
Of all the waste the plastic is 10%.