Winning battles of life

 winning battk]les of life

                                    One day a daughter came to her father with a very sad mood. She complained to her father that she was frustrated of fighting the struggles of her life. It seemed to her that there is no end of trouble in life. If one problem is solved, another problem comes immediately. Her father was a chef. He took her daughter to the kitchen room. The father took three pots filled with water and put each pot on the high fire of stove. The water of three pots started boiling after a few minutes. The father put a potato in one pot, an egg in the second pot and put ground coffee beans in another pot. Then he let them boiling for a while. After few minutes he turned off the stove. He then took out the potato. The egg and the coffee and put them in separate bowls.

                              Turning to her daughter the father asked, “My dear daughter what are you seeing?” The daughter unhappily replied ‘a potato, an egg and coffee’. The father said,’ my dear daughter, look closely, touch them, feel them, and taste them.’ The daughter touched the potato and felt that it was very soft.

                              The father then asked her to take the egg and break it. Pulling off the shell of the egg the daughter observed that the egg was hard-boiled.

                               Now the father asked her daughter to have a sip of the coffee. The rich aroma of the hot coffee brought a relief to her sad face.
                                 ‘My dear father what do you want to mean?’ the daughter asked.

                                 The father explained: the potato, the egg and coffee beans, each of them had faced the same hardship, the boiling water. But each of them reacted differently. The potato was hard previously, but in boiling water it was transformed as soft. The egg was delicate and fragile. A thin outer shell was protecting the liquid inside. But when it was put in boiling water the inner liquid became hard. The reaction of the ground coffee beans was completely different from both of them. When they were put into the boiling water, they transformed the water and created a new thing.

                                “Which one you want to become?” When you face any hurdle in your life how do you want to respond? Do you want to be a potato? An egg?  Or a coffee bean?
                               Moral: In our life we face many situations. The situation appears around us. Some incidents happen to us. But the only thing we should be careful is to choose our response. Life is all about accepting, embracing and converting all the troubles into opportunity.