What is Happiness? How to be happy?

What is Happiness? How to be happy?

                       (A beautiful moral story)

                 Once upon a time a crow lived in a forest. He was very happy and contented in life. One day he saw a beautiful swan. The swan was pure white in colour and was very nice looking. The crow became very sad thinking that the swan is very beautiful but he is very ugly. He thought the swan is the happiest bird.
           The crow expressed his feeling to the swan. The swan replied that previously he thought that he was the most beautiful bird. But one day he saw a parrot. It has double colours. Now he thinks that parrot is the most beautiful bird.
             The crow now asked the parrot. The parrot said that he was living a very satisfied life until he saw a beautiful peacock. The parrot was double coloured but the peacock was multi-coloured.
           The crow was now very eager to talk to a peacock. He found a peacock in a zoo. He saw hundreds of curious visitors there who were gathering to see the peacock. When the visitors went away the crow went to the peacock. ‘Oh! The beautiful peacock, you are very lucky. When people see me, they immediately drive me away. But thousands of people everyday gathers to see you for a while. In my opinion, you are the happiest bird in the world.
          The peacock said, ‘I thought that I was the best looking bird in the world. It is quite right. But there is a dark side of this. For my beauty I am captured and imprisoned in this zoo. I have thoroughly observed the zoo and I have discovered that the only bird that is not kept in trap in the whole zoo is crow. Now I am thinking that if I were a bird like crow, I could freely and happily roam everywhere in joy.
        Moral: We should learn to be happy in what we have instead of looking at what we don’t have. The happiest person is he or she who is satisfied with what he or she has.