Vanity leads to misfortune

One day a crow sat on a tree with a piece of flesh in her beak. At that time a fox came out of the jungle and stood beneath that tree. As he looked up he saw the crow with a bit of flesh in her beak and thought of having it.

 But how? He at once planned to play a trick. He said, “How beautiful the crow is! How glossy her feathers are! But alas! God has not given her the voice to speak. He proves his cruelty in this respect.” 

The crow at the high branch heard everything and was flattered by the admiration. To prove that he had a sweet voice he at once gave a loud caw. 

At once the flesh dropped from its beak and without delay, the fox picked it up and went away saying, “The proud bird, had you been half as wise as you are proud, you would not have to lose the flesh.”

 Moral: Vanity leads to misfortune.