Ungrateful travelers

 A few travellers, tired by a long walk in the sun, sat under a banyan tree for some rest. They were talking among themselves regarding various topics.

 One of the men, in the meantime, looked up at the branches overhead and remarked. “You see, this tree is so big and has a good cluster of leaves but it cannot produce either the flowers to satisfy the eyes and smell or sweet fruits to please the taste.” 

After his remarks another traveller said, “Why to speak of flowers and fruits only β€” it is by any means of no use to mankind. So it should not remain in existence. 

The tree overheard the conversation and said with a smile. “This is the gratefulness indeed. The extended shadow and the cool breeze under which you are taking rest are nothing to you but mere illusion onlyβ€”is it not?” 

The remark of the tree pierced the hearts of the travellers and they hung down their heads in shame.

 Moral: Ungratefulness is the great shame to the humanity.