Top wishes to write on Birthdays and Belated Birthdays

Wishing people with our best wishes have always been a matter of great delight for all of us. Though we can be late but still wishing gives great joy. It can be any special days like birthday, anniversary or any day of personalized importance. Distance even does not matter if you bear an expression of love inside your heart. Following are the best ways to wish somebody on their birthday.
I have eagerly been waiting to be the first person to wish you, my love.
May this year ahead bring you lot many consciences and pleasure. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Just cannot explain the favour that this day has ever done to me. This is more worth than anything for me. This is because I have got the most precious gift on the day and that is you. Stay blessed and Happy Birthday.

I feel regretful for not being able to see on such a special day but sending you my regards will always be my duty. With all great love, I wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear.
I was uninformative regarding your birthday because we did not hear from each other for many years. But to initiate the bond nothing can be better than a birthday wish. Thus wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dear.

I understand the feeling of hatred that once developed in our minds for each other but surely that can never prove as resistance to my wish for you. On the day of your birthday, I wish a very happy and delightful birthday.

I am conceited so far to regard you as my friend. Providing you my best wishes makes be obliged. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a great year ahead.

After great efforts, I just found you on the social network and then finally on the day of your birthday I am able to wish you a very Happy Birthday dear.

I am displeased regarding not being there with you on the day but will meet you soon my love. Distance cannot diminish the friendship we share and connect. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear.

Though we love to wish people on time and before any other person. But sometimes unknowingly things just slip out of our minds and we forget to wish. Then wishing late make us think that we must be judged onto that. Thus we do not wish anybody late. Here below are some personalized quotes which can surely be used as a justification depending upon your case.
With an avalanche of apologies and regret for failing in wishing you on the day. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
I understand you must be under resentment as I did not send you my wishes on time. However late but I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Though I got late I have seen the happiness on your face in the pictures and you were looking your best in that. With great love and delight, I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
Since I do not owe any more importance in your life because of whatever occurred.
But you will always a special place in my heart and thus I wish you all the success and a very Happy belated Birthday.
Many new people have entered into your life. And most importantly you are always cheerful with them. So just continue being that and I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
We people have become so occupied with the schedule that we have failing to even exchange words and that just made your birthday slip out of mind. Thus I am wishing you belated Happy Birthday Dear.
Though at times we fight, we hate but deep inside the heart we both know how much we both care for each other but I don’t know how come I got late on wishing you the day. Wish you a very happy belated birthday.
Resisted myself a lot for not wishing you the day but now I cannot make self so strong thus with all my feelings I convey you my love and wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday.

The above messages can be sent as a wish to rejoice the bond and people will also not be offended much for not being wished. Whatever be the situation but sending people with best wishes remains one of the best graceful task ever. This not only let other people special but also gives you pleasure and also a soul satisfaction to you.