Tips to make your long-distance relationship successful

Really if you want to date a guy doesn’t live in your country and city? Or already you’re in a long distance relationship? Well, then you just heard from people say the worst things about long distance relationships. Stuff like ‘can the relationships will survive without seeing each other?’

There are a lot of ways so that you can make your relationship work and there are some of the best ones here:

  1. Video call is your savior: Communication is an easier way, and if you communicate with each other face-to-face, then it is the best way. It is not possible to do it every time, but make it a point to call each other on video rather than voice.
  2. Never assume anything till you talk to them: You can see random of the picture of them with a girl. Thousand of possible thoughts pop your head. Who is she? How does he know her? Take a deep breath and relax. If you do suspect something, then open communication is the best way to go.
  3. Do fun things together, like play online games together or watch a movie: Watch same movies or shows, read a similar book or play an online game together. You can’t meet every day but doing thing together will keep it interesting.
  4. Set your dates to meet each other: Set a date to meet with each other. It could be once in a month, but make it a point always to meet each other at any costs. And you can also countdown days, and you’ll feel super excited when the date is near to see them! It’s important to keep up to your words in a relationship. That’s just how it works.
  5. Plan to move into the same city in the future: You can’t be stuck in a long distance relationship all of your life, so make it a point and discuss with your partner. It could be one or two years from now, whatever feet your criteria and convenience, but talk about possibly making a move into the same city.
  6. Keep each other updated on everything that goes on: Tell him about your how’s your day, your work and everything that matters. Keep them update and make sure they update too.
  7. Don’t have too many physical expectations out of each other because well; you’re in a long distance: You aren’t in the same city. So you can’t physically be there for each other. Don’t except them all the time when you fall sick or through something emotional. They might be not being along with you even if they want to. You have to understand that. That’s a test itself too.