The miser and his money


          A miser did not ever spend his money. He hoarded it and counted it every day.
    When he had a great deal of money, he became afraid of losing it. One day he took it away to his garden and dug a hole at the foot of a tree. He then put the bag of money in the hole and closed it up.
        The miser went there many times a day to see if the hole was safe. Whenever he had some more money, he took the bag out of the hole. He looked at the money, counted it and put the newly earned money in the bag. He again kept it in the hole and covered it up.
   One day a man saw what the miser was doing. When he was gone, the man dug up the bag of money and took it away. He covered up the mouth of the hole.
      Next say the miser, as usual, opened up the hole to see if his money was safe. But he found that his money was gone. He became almost mad. He ran to all his friends and told them that he had been robbed of his wealth.

    The friend, he met last, said, “I don’t think that you lost anything. The money was of no use to you. You did not spend it even for your food and clothing. You make a stone and put it in a hole. It will be of as much use to you as your lost wealth.”