The Mindset


       One day a man was passing by a tent of a circus party. While he was passing by he saw some big elephants there. He was surprised by the fact that these huge animals were tied by only a small and thin rope. There is no strong iron chain or strong iron cage for them. The man was surprised by the fact that the elephants can anytime tear off the ropes but surprisingly they are not doing it.

         Suddenly he saw the trainer of the elephant there. The man asked him why the elephants are not tearing off the ropes and running away. The circus trainer told the man that the elephants were brought to the circus when they were very young and much smaller. When they were young they were tied in the same size rope. At that time the small ropes were enough to tie them. When they grew up they started believing that they cannot tear off the rope. Still they believe that they cannot break free. So they never try to free themselves.

       The man was astonished. These creatures can make themselves free from their lifelong bondage whenever they wish, but they are conditioned to their false belief that they could never make themselves free. As a result they are in a lifelong chained life.

      Just like these circus elephant most of us leading a life of average life. We even do not try something as we failed at doing something before.

         Moral of the story: We should never let success get to our head. Never let failure get to our heart. Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.