The Loving Tree


                                              There was a loving mango tree. Everyday a little boy used to come and play joyfully around the tree. The boy used to climb up the tree, ate the fruits and took rest under its shade. The loving tree also used to enjoy the company of the little kid. But as the time passes on the  little boy grew up and no longer come to the tree.

              After a long period of time the boy one day came again to the tree. He was looking sad. ‘What’s the matter? Let us play’ the tree told the boy. ‘Now I am not a little kid. I have no interest in playing with you anymore’ he replied. ‘Now I wish to play with toys, but I have no money to buy toys’. ‘Oh! I am very sorry’. ‘O.K. you may take all my fruits and collect money selling them’. The boy was very happy. He collected all the fruits from the tree and went away happily. For a long time the boy did not return. The tree became alone.

            After a long time the boy returned to the tree. Now he was a grown up man. The tree was very happy to see him again. ‘Let us play’ the tree said’. ‘There is no time to play. I have to work hard to earn money for my family. We need a lot of money to build a house for our family’. ‘Oh! I am sorry, o.k. you may cut off my branches and build a house with those. The man immediately cut off all the branches of the tree and went away happily. The tree was also very happy to see the man happy. The man did not come to the tree for a long time. The tree again became alone.

           Few years later the man returned to the tree. The tree was very delighted. ‘Let us play’, the tree said. ‘I am not happy now, I am growing old. I want a boat. I wish to sail for a long tour to relax myself. ‘O.k. you can make your boat with my log. The man immediately cut off the log to make his boat and went sailing happily. He did not come to the tree for a long time.

         After long years the man again came to the tree. ‘Sorry, my boy, now I have nothing left to help you. I have no fruits. ‘I am not able to bite’ he replied. ‘I have no branches where you can climb up and play’. ‘I am too old to do that at present’ the man replied.

       ‘The only thing that is left is my dry root’. I don’t want much now a day. I just need a quiet place to sit peacefully and take rest. I am very tired in the struggle of life’. Don’t worry you can sit on my root and sit here peacefully whenever you wish. He man sat on the dry root. Both of them were very happy with the company of each other after a long separation.

Moral: Our parents are just like this giving tree. In our younger age we play with them happily. When we grow, we forget them and come to them again only in our need. Our parents sacrifice their all to make us happy. So we should never forget their sacrifices. We should love and care our parents before it’s to late.