One day a lion was sleeping in his den. A mouse was playing nearby. It was mischievous in nature. Out of fun it ran into the nostril of the king of beasts. The mighty animal woke up from his nap. He became very angry. He caught the little creature immediately and was going to make an end of it. The mouse became very much frightened. He appealed to the king for life. He said, “Please, don’t kill me. Forgive me this time. A day may come when I shall do you a good turn and repay your kindness.” The lion smiled at his captive’s fright and laughed heartily at his words. He was amused at the thought that so smaller a creature ever could be of any assistance to him. But he took pity on him and let him go.
 A few months passed by. When the lion was ranging the forest for his prey, he was caught in a net set by hunters to catch him. From inside the net he roared and roared. His roar echoed through the forest. The mouse heard his roar and recognised it to be that of his preserver and friend. He hurried to the spot. He saw the lion caught in the net. “Well, your majesty,” said the mouse, you did not believe me when I promised to return your kindness shown to me. You will believe it now as I have got a chance to repay that.” Immediately he set to work. He started to nibble with his sharp teeth at the ropes of the net. Soon the lion crawled out of the hunter’s snare and was free.
Moral: An act of kindness, however small it may be, is never wasted.