Once a hare lived in a forest. He had many friends there. He had many friends in the field too. So he truly felt himself be the most popular member of the animal kingdom. One day he heard a few hounds approaching.
 “Why should always a popular animal like me have to run for life when he hears the barking of a dog?” said he to himself. So he approached the horse and asked him to carry him on his back and move to a place of safety.
 “There is nothing that I cannot do for you, my dear friend.” said the horse, “but at this moment I have some important work to do for my master. However, a popular creature like you will have no difficulty in getting someone else’s help.”
 Then the hare approached the bull and asked him whether he could help him in his danger.
The bull replied, “My friend, you well know how much I feel for you and how glad am I to be of your service. But at this very moment, I have an appointment with a lady. Why don’t you ask the goat, our mutual friend?’ 

But the goat also was busy. So was the ram. The calf, the pig, and the ass were equally busy. Each assured the hare off his undying friendship. Each was anxious to help him but none came forward to his aid. By this time the hounds came quite close. So the hare took to her heels and luckily escaped.

 Moral: He who has many friends has no friend.