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A crow stole a piece of cheese from a shop. He flew with it to the top of tall tree. He thought of enjoying the prize. But a sly fox saw him,

If I plan rightly,” said the fox to himself, “I can get the piece of cheese and enjoy it myself.” So he sat under that tall tree, then he began to flatter the crow in the politest tones. He said, ‘Good day, my dear friend, how fine you looking to-day. How glossy your wings are! Your breast looks like the breast of an eagle. And your claws, I beg your pardon—your talons are as strong as steel. I have not yet heard your voice. Your beauty is excellent. I think your voice must be excellent. It must surpass that of the cuckoo or the nightingale in sweetness.”

The foolish crow became pleased with all this flattery. He believed all his words and flapped his wings to show his pleasure. His friend fox’s words about his voice pleased him most. Others had remarked that his caw was a bit rusty. So he chuckled to think how he would surprise his friend fox with his most melodious caw and opened his mouth wide. Down dropped the piece of cheese! The sly fox grabbed it before it touched the ground—and walked away. While leaving the place he said, “Next time when anyone praises your beauty you must hold your tongue.”

Moral : Never trust flatterers.

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