One day a fox was boasting of his cleverness to a cat. “I know a thousand tricks,” he bragged. “I know a hundred ways of escaping from my enemies, especially the dogs.” 
“How much blessed you are!” said the ordinary cat.”I know only one trick. I make it work very often. 
Will you please teach me new tricks of yours?’”Well, sometimes I have no work to do.” said the fox; I may teach some of the easier tricks then.” 
Just at that moment, they heard the yelping of the pack of hounds. They were fast approaching the spot where the fox and the cat were gossiping. Like a flash of light the cat scampered upon a nearby tree and hid in the thick foliage? “This only trick I know and told you about,” she called down to the fox. “Which trick are you going to use now?” 
The fox stood there still. He was trying to decide which of his many tricks he would adopt. The pack of hounds was approaching nearer and nearer. It was too late when the fox decided to run for life. But even before he started the dogs pounced on him and all the thousand tricks ended there.

 Moral: One good plan working well is better than a hundred doubtful ones.