The Ass And The Lap Dog

A man owned an ass. He owned a lap dog also. The ass remained tied up in the stable. But he got plenty of hay and corn to eat. The owner kept him busy all day. He had to carry load and haul wood. On occasions he had to take his turn at the owner’s mill at night. Still he should have been continued with his lot.

On the other hand the little lap dog always sported and pranced about.
He caressed and fawned upon his master. Thus he became a great
favourite. He was even allowed to lie  in his master’s lap.

The ass noticed all the activities ofthe dog and began to feel sorry for
himself. He, at times, became hurt tosee the lap dog living in such ease
and comfort, while he saw the dog enjoying the master’s  favour, he
became tempted to earn such  favour. He thought that he would behave
with his master in similar fashion.

One day he behaved as he thought.He broke from his halter and rushed
into the house while his master was having his meal. He pranced about
and wagged his tail.
He imitated the lap dog as best as he could. In doing
so he turned over the dinner table and smashed all the crockery—the
plates and glasses. Still he did not stop. He jumped upon his master
and put his rough-shod feet on his thigh.

The master was in danger. He    screamed in fear. Hearing the scream his servants rushed to him for help. They released him from the wild  caress of the ass. Then they beat the
    silly creature very hard with sticks.  The animal could not stand on his
    legs again and died at last.

    Moral : It is better to be satisfied with      one’s own lot than to desire   something unattainable.