Different people take spirituality in different perspectives. Some people take it as a participation in a particular religion, joining a church, to be attached with mosque or gurudwara. Some people take spirituality as a personal matter. It is being in touch with own divine self. They pray, meditate, practice yoga or quietly reflect their inner feelings.


                                  Spirituality reveals that we are not simply physical body. We are spiritual being. We are not bound to any particular race, community, religion, family, social status, job, service in our life. We are greater than all this material things.
                                                    When we think of ourselves as a spiritual or divine being we become filled with enormous divine energy. We feel spontaneous energetic and inspired. On the other hand when this spiritual energy leaves from our physical body we become useless. Our physical existence expires.
                                           Religion and spirituality are different things. Religion is bound within a particular group, community or culture. Every religion is quite different from another religion in their customs, rules and way of life.
                                                 There is often a misconception about spirituality and religion. Spirituality  means mostly a personal or individual experience, searching the meaning and purpose of life. On the other hand religion is a set of particular practices as rules which are practiced and followed by the particular group or community.
                               Spirituality defines us our way of life, the purpose of our life.
                             Spirituality teaches us the extreme and deepest meaning of life. It explains who we originally are and how should we live our life. Spirituality is just like planting a seed which grows slowly with the time and experiences of everyday life. Spirituality is very often explained as a closer connection with the God or connection with the divine energy of the universe. Spirituality is the connection, both with the divine almighty and also relation with our own divine self.



Spirituality is allowing ourselves to be completely filled with the divine inspiration and energy and to transform that energy into joy, knowledge, wisdom, love, bliss, peacefulness and into all the divine virtues. Spirituality helps us to connect with the all profound and most powerful divine energy of the universe. This energy helps us even our worldly achievement or success, our in stabilizing our own peace of mind. We become enlightened by the awareness of this spiritual knowledge. It gives us the inspiration and energy to win our goal of life and makes our life successful.


                          If we look into our life with a materialistic approach we see that it is very temporary and it will perish one day into dust.

                                            If we look deep into our life with a spiritual approach then it will become a profound, eternal journey.


                     On the other hand spirituality is not bound to any religion. It is beyond all the religions but inside spirituality there is all religion merged. Spirituality has no conflict with any religion. Spirituality is connecting with our own divine self.



                          To some people spirituality is a divine path of making our lives happy and peaceful. To some yoga is a part of spiritual practice. Through yoga or connection with the almighty God we can get rid of the tension and anxiety of our life. We can release our negative emotion and filled ourselves with the pure positive vibration of the divine universe.


      Spirituality says that we are the part of the all powerful divine source of energy. We are the son of almighty God. As God is the ocean of love. We are also filled with divine unconditional love. And our purpose of life is to share this divine love to the world. We are not physical being. We are actually the divine being. We are not dependent on any material objects or things.