Simple Habits to Overcome Tiredness and BE Super Energetic.

It seems that many people are facing tiredness and fatigue in their daily routines. Most of the people have developed a mindset that being tired is just a part of the daily routine activity.
Many of the times the cause for tiredness are common and clear- like the surrounding workplace, putting too many hours at office, unhealthy lifestyle choices, stress or a deadline which results into draining up of all the energy reserves.
Extreme Fatigue surely affects the daily routine activities to a considerable extent. When the body is not producing enough energy, you experience fatigue and you not fill motivated to work which will affects the drive to perform daily activities.
Feeling tired makes it difficult to focus on things and to do several tasks at one time.
Fortunately, Whether what’s making you tired is obvious or not, there’s a lot you can do to make the situation better and refill your tank when your energy levels go down.
Here are simple habits you can adopt to help you Overcome Tiredness and BE Super Energetic.

1- Drink More Water (Buy a dedicated water bottle):
Drink lots of water, a dehydrated body functions less effectively and causes tiredness. Help yourself fighting fatigue by staying hydrated throughout the day. Experts recommended drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day helps to stay properly hydrated and overcome Tiredness.
This recommendation is something everyone is aware of to increase your energy. But the problem is we have many other things to remember in our daily routine activity so we easily forget about drinking 8 or more glasses of water.
But we are here with the solution and it is to buy a dedicated water bottle which you can carry around each day. This simple habit definitely helps you to remain hydrated all day and perform all the works efficiently.

2- Go Nuts (Eat Chia Seeds):
Eat almonds or peanuts which consists of high magnesium. A low magnesium level can have a very quick impact on the energy level and leads to go down quickly. So, these nutrients are essential to remain energetic.
There are many nutrients you can have but when it comes to balancing your body, Chia seeds are perfect. Chia seeds having a balanced amount of proteins, fats, and fiber and this ideal balance helps to keep blood sugar level low and to overcome inactive cells of the body.
There are many ways one can consume chia seeds but the best is to have chia seeds with water which helps to save time and get the multiple nutrients so easily into the body.

3- Eat More often (Have a healthy diet):
Going without food for too long affects the blood sugar level. On the other side having larger meals affects your energy. One should eat more often as it is best to maintaining energy level throughout the day. One should try eating 6 mini-meals to spread the energy, this will result in maintaining blood sugar level effectively and overcome tiredness as your tank is now energy fuel.
Avoid eating the candy or other junk foods, because they will give the energy for a brief period of time but you will soon tired again and affects your mood. As it is said you are what you eat so avoid unhealthy foods. One should have to increase the number of fruits, Vegetables, low-fat dairy products, Dark chocolate, cherries in the 6 mini-meals. It will increase the efficiency of doing various tasks at a particular time and helps to reduce the amount of high fat.

4- Do some Exercise (Get those Creative Muscles Working):
The one major cause of tiredness that most people overlook is exercise. It may be Strange but tiredness can be beaten by having some exercise. Movement is a great way to develop your mood. For this one should Get Moving! It might be difficult to finding time for the exercise but a small walk even for 10 minutes of stretching at your desk can help to improve blood flow and boost up the energy.
Get those Creative Muscles moving with some sort of physical activity as they are the major reasons for energy booster and helps you sleep better at night. Physical Activity releases the Happy Hormones which helps in developing a better mood and increase the efficiency by the regulation of appetite.

5- Sleep Well (Adopt a short nightly ritual):
We all are aware that low quality sleep causes tiredness, but many people don’t even realize that they are not getting enough sleep. One of the best ways to supercharge your energy is improving the quality of your sleep. while you sleep well the body gets repair itself and the brain restores its energy supply. This helps to overcome tiredness and you wake up in the morning feeling ready for the day.
However, the simplest and best way is to adopt a short nightly ritual which helps to charges your brain cells and increase the efficiency of energy levels.
Choose from the Following:
*Have a warm glass of milk with a mixture of turmeric powder before bedtime.
*A mindful body scan
*Have at least 7 hours of sleep.
*Switch off all gadgets that distract you, before going to sleep.

6- Laugh (Cherish The Movement):
Laughter is so important for overcoming tiredness in this stressful world. A good laugh for a short period of time helps to boost your heart rate and increase the level of blood pressure. Laughter provides a quick boost of positive energy. When you start to laugh it takes you to the different state of mind which helps to lighten your load mentally and stimulate many organs of the body.
One can watch comedy episodes on TV or have a glimpse at a newspaper cartoon which helps to cherish the movement in a fun way to overcome tiredness and BE Super Energetic once again.

If you find Tiredness is affecting the quality of life on a regular basis, it is definitely time to rethink of your habits.
The best advice? use those traces of energy to get up, Drink More water, Do some Exercise, Eat some energy food, Go for a walk, Sleep well and Laugh.
Decide to make changes today from our simple habits for overcoming tiredness and BE Super Energetic..!!