How To Say NO without Hurting Other’s Feelings in 5 Super Simple Steps.

How can it be that we state “Yes” so frequently?

It returns to childhood. At the point when Mom requesting that you accomplish something. We were instructed to state “yes.” Socially, we state “yes” since we don’t have any desire to disappoint individuals and now and again in light of the fact that we feel caught.

Are we doomed then to live life as “yes”? The Answer is Not at all!

In order to be productive and focused at your tasks, one should need to learn the art of saying No. However Saying this two-letter word No is the most difficult thing many people face as they think it might be painful, so we must learn to say “no” in a manner where it most likely to be accepted.

Learn to reject a demand without being purposely harmful.

Learn to state “no” while regarding the other individual’s sentiments
So, what’s so hard about saying No, it doesn’t have to be difficult with the following 5 Super Simple steps on pleasantly say no in such a way that it feels useful for both you and the other individual/individuals.

1- Set Boundaries (Be Yourself):

People now and again experience considerable difficulties saying no in light of the fact that they haven’t set aside the opportunity to assess their relationship and understand their role within the relationship. Set Boundaries means to tell people about your personal rules and it is the No.1 rule for learning to say No.

For instance, if somebody needs you to work at their place once every week, you could state something like: “I’m apprehensive I can’t help you since I’ve made a guarantee to myself to go up against fewer duties and accomplish my own desires.

When you clarify that demand simply doesn’t accommodate your qualities or way of life, other individuals will be progressively disposed to regard your choice.

2- Don’t Over Explain (Say it):

If you have a genuine reason for saying No, then feel free to share it with the other person. However, don’t try to create a story or offer feeble reasons or falter. This just gives an opening to the next individual.

For instance, your friend is asking for a movie which you don’t like. So you must say that you don’t like this movie. However, if you start making excuses like I have much stuff to do on that day the basic response will be No Worries will go the next day which will put you in trouble.

So, provide a brief explanation if you feel you need to; however, don’t feel compelled. The less said the better.

3- Be polite. (End on a Positive Note):

Use this simple trick: Start by thanking the other person for thinking of you, give a polite refusal, then end on a positive note.

For Instance, let’s suppose that someone has just moved to a new apartment in your neighborhood and they are asking your help in order to move their furniture. But, you have to prepare for an important presentation. You could say, “Thank you for asking. Normally I would be able to, but unfortunately, I am really busy making a presentation for my office which I need to submit by tomorrow.”

This is a gracious reply that preserves your relations while making it clear that you will not be granting them a favor.

4- Negotiate (Offer help at a later date):

We ought to never refuse to help our companions, guardians, or associates. If you want to help but you are not in the position to do it, then suggesting another person who could help them instead or another way to offer help at a later date.

For Instance, someone coming up with a big project and need assistance for the equivalent. You could say I can’t help you with the project at this juncture. However, my schedule would not be so busy after a few days.
This will help you and your associates and the bond will remain stronger.

5- Honesty is the best policy (Gold Standard):

Most of us use lies from time to time to avoid difficult situations and hide our feelings or intentions. However, lying always comes up with a price as truth is invaluable and will come out. So when no one should be kept it short, sweet, and simple.

For instance, If someone comes and asks you to do something, you should remain honest and answer it with whatever true reason. Trust us it will definitely work. And Indeed The Honest response will help to build the relationship even stronger.

However, in any case, you are not able to say no, you can get to the following basic process developed just for you.
• Start with a compliment.
• Give your answer.
• Say thank you.
• Encourage the person.
• Change the subject or excuse yourself.

Saying “No” is an attitude that must be created after some time. It tends to be frightening to put your own needs and needs before those of another person. But if you get this article for How to Say No Without Hurting Other Feelings in 5 Super Simple Steps, will get easier for you.
However, one should remember that the world won’t end just because you refuse to let yourself be used as a servant.