Origami learning

                            It’s mind blowing to watch a conventional bit of paper changing into a three dimensional structure, and the more intricate the configuration, the more inconceivable this procedure gets to be…
Origami is an art.  ‘Ori’- means folding, ‘kami’ means paper. Gami comes from kami. It is the paper folding technique. It is originally related to the culture of Japan. IN China there is a tradition of burning origami on funeral.



What’s more, incidentally, it’s all free.

Paper-collapsing is a magnificent interest, and a sublime gathering action… what’s more, for children it has such a variety of advantages socially and for the creating personality, yet I simply adore it in light of the fact that you get the chance to make cool stuff – with just a sheet of paper!



It is a great joy while transforming a simple paper piece into different attracting thins like flower, animal, box, container, airplanes, jewelry, crafts, ornaments, trees and many more things.

            When an origami is completed by our hard effort our faces flourish with great smile. The process of origami is very easy one. It is not a costly matter. It gives us a great pleasure when we share it with others. The modern time is advancing technologically every day, but origami still gives us the same pleasure and it will give the same always.