New Year Wishes and Messages


Are you confused in writing new year wishes? Here are some personal messages depending upon the situations one can face.
The new year has arrived and it brings a lot of consciences and new hopes to the heart and lives of people. People wish their loved ones with relatable messages and express their gratitude to them. New year wishes can re-join the bonds among the people which they shared in the past. To the people who are not together but are at distance and cannot elaborate the upcoming of new year then they can surely express and convey the emotions through the personal wishes depicting the bond and the time they had once being together. Festive season brings all optimism and prosperity into the minds of the people. Beginning of the new year should be marked with great enthusiasm and encouragement.
• For the people who are together would surely be thanking the people they love and for this, they can add quotes like
“To each day of the year that passed, you have always been by my side and I didn’t even get time to express the joy that I felt. Thus today to mark the beginning of the new year I want to thank you and would also feel obliged if you be again the part of my upcoming life”.
“ Just because we never had time to state those words that are worth expressing as we were so occupied in cherishing those moments. This year I want you again with the same intensity of love and desire coz
I love you to the moon and back.”
“With the new year ahead I am imagining you again by my side with all the same emotions, thoughts and love.”
• For those people who are at long distance relationship and are not together for the time then the quotes may be like
“ Though we didn’t meet so frequently and also do not share many memories together with the love and emotions among us is inseparable and to believe in that love I wish you a great and prosperous new year ahead”.
“ I adore you, I trust you, I wish you all the success as a new year and the new beginning is ahead of us. I thank you for all the precious conversation, lovable messages and every beautiful moment that we shared together.”
• For those who want to give up a new start and rejoice the bond that they lost last year. They can also personalize the messages like
“ The mishappenings, misunderstandings, misconceptions that we have between us can mislead our new upcoming year thus keeping all this aside let us start the year with all the worthy love and deserving wishes. Let us adore the path that we traveled together and I want to adore the beautiful beginning with these messages of forgiveness to you.
Wishing us a very great Happy New Year.”
“ To all those people who have made my 2018 a better one and if I have hurt you anyway unknowingly. I want to apologize and give a new start and a new beginning with you all again supporting me. Happy New Year.”
• If the wish is for your family, your parents then obviously there are no words to describe love. But still, the messages can be used as
“The words that I am using to describe the love are so meager and unworthy. This is because the love, the sacrifices that you have always been making for me are not easy to thank. But still as a token of gratitude I am wishing you a very Happy New Year with all my heart.”

These quotes can adorn the day and your new year wishes and would make your person feel that you are at no distance from them neither physically nor emotionally. To ameliorate the love and bonding between the people these quotes can behave as a catalyst.

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