Never neglect little things.

A farmer saddled his horse to carry his articles to market for sale. At the time of starting, he noticed that there were no nails in one of the horse’s shoes. But he neglected the matter considering it unimportant.

After he had gone a little far the shoe was removed from the horse’s hoof. The farmer thought that the horse would by any means reach the market with the remaining three shoes. But as he rode on the back of the horse to proceed further, the animal began to limp on the ground.

The farmer now realised his mistake — but there was not a single blacksmith’s shop nearby. So he proceeded and hoped that the animal could carry him up to marketplace somehow. But alas — his idea was wrong.

The poor animal soon broke its legs and fell down. As a result, all his articles were broken and at the same time, he lost his horse forever as he neglected to nail the shoe in time.

 Moral: Do not neglect little things.