Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was born on 16th, December 1770 in Bonn of Germany. His
father was a singer in local palace choir. Beethoven’s father was a very
common person and he was addicted to gambling. However, his mother was
a fairly kind-hearted and gentle female. She married an assistant as her first
marriage and married to Beethoven’s father when her ex-husband died.
Beethoven didn’t have access to go to school for the reason that his family
was very poor. Nevertheless, he had a special feeling of music when he was
very young. His father wanted to make use of his potential to make a big
fortune. As a result, Beethoven had to practice playing clavicorn and violin
day and night under his father’s pressure.
Beethoven had a performance on a stage for the first time when he was only
seven years old and he made a huge success. Some famous musicians
considered him as the second Mozart. Beethoven learned how to compose
music from Nifo and published his first work named Concerto in A minor
when he was 11. He went to Vienna to learn how to compose music from
Mozart and Haydn.
It seems that he would have a fairly bright future when Beethoven received
the first success in 1800. Nevertheless, he was troubled with a terrible matter
for years at that time. He found that he has become a deaf person. There
couldn’t be anything more terrible than that for a musician. He sank into a
blue mood for a long time as a consequence.
Beethoven has an enthusiastic heart all the time. But his enthusiasm was
often unfortunate. He often tolerated both hope and enthusiasm,
disappointment and resistance. There was no doubt that all of these emotions
had become his unique source of creation. He fell in love with Julia in 1801
and composed a music named Moonlight for her specifically. To his
disappointed, she couldn’t understand his noble soul and refused him.
Beethoven was upset and despairing for that. It was the most hopeless
moment for him and once a time, he wrote down a paper of posthumous
He came to life in 1803 and composed some bright and warm music such as
The Second Symphonies. From then on, several more beautiful and
marvelous music was produced. Some of them are fairly famous
such as The Eroica and The Storm.
Beethoven finished his masterpiece named The Ninth Symphonies in 1823.
This piece of work expressed his world in his dream.
In Dec.1826He suffered from a disease called pulmonary edema, which was resulted from a
serious influenza. He died on 26th, March 1827 for the cause of
suffering from hepatopathy.
It is said that the day on which Beethoven died was raining heavily and
storming seriously. It seems that even the God grieved over his death.
Beethoven’s funeral was fairly solemn and grand. It is estimated that over 20

thousand people presented his funeral.