Importance of Practice ­čĺÉ

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In ancient times, students used to study by staying in Gurukul. The child was sent to Gurukul to get an education.
Children used to take care of the ashram in the presence of Guru in Gurukul and also studied.
Varadraj was also sent to Gurukul like everyone else.
Got to dissolve with my colleagues there in the ashram.
But he was too weak to read.
Anything of Guruji was understood by him very little. This is why he causes ridicule among all.
All his mates went to the next class but he couldn’t move forward.
Even Guruji gave up and said to him, ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ Son Varadaraj! I have tried all the efforts.
Now it’s better not to waste your time here.
Go to your home and help the family work. ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ I’m going to be
Varadraj also thought that maybe knowledge is not in my fate. And he left Gurukul for a home with a heavy heart.
It was time for the afternoon. On the way, she started feeling thirsty.
Looking around, he found that some women were filling water from the well at a little distance. He went to the well.
There were scars from the rope coming on the stones, so he asked the women, ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ How do you make this mark. ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ I’m going to be
So one woman replied, ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ Son we didn’t make this mark. These are the marks on the solid stone as this soft rope repeatedly came while pulling water. ÔÇ▓ÔÇ▓ I’m going to be
Varadaraj got into thinking.
He thought why can’t I learn from continuous practice when a gentle rope repeatedly can make deep marks on a solid stone.
Varadraj came back to Gurukul with lots of enthusiasm and worked tirelessly.
Guruji also was happy and supported a lot.
After a few years, this retarded child Varadaraj went ahead and became a great scholar of Sanskrit grammar. The one who created Lagusidhan Takomudi, Madh Yasidhan Takomudi, Sarasidhan Takomudi, Girvanpadamanjari.
Education (Moral):
Friends, what does the power of practice have to say. It will fulfill your every dream. The practice is very important whether it is in sports or in studies or something else. You can’t succeed without practice.
If you rely only on luck without practice, then I will not touch you anything but regrets. So, with practice, patience, hard work, and passion, you should be united to achieve your destination.

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