How to Create a Daily Routine to Become Best Version of Yourself.

What would be your perfect day? Meaning your ideal day, A day that you went to bed that night and you just thought “That was the most incredible day”. “That’s how many people want most of their days and the life to be, just like that.” It all depends upon your daily routine because you are the one that controls whether or not I am gonna have a good day. Daily routines are the ones that put you in control of yourself and in control of your day.
To become the best version of yourself it will take lots of patience and determination, but most importantly it depends upon the daily routine because we are what we repeatedly do. A daily routine is not an act, but its a habit and similar to all the good habits they are powerful but not easy to develop.
But we are here as your mentor for the process of art and science to make you the best version of yourself by setting up a daily routine activity. What you need to get done is a science and the art is when to do it. It all depends upon how you follow our following procedure.
1- Go to BED: This daily routine activity doesn’t start in the morning. it begins 30 minutes before you sleep at night. So decide now when you are going to sleep because you will be waking up at 5 in the morning tomorrow. You just have to put aside your phone and all other electronic gadgets that distract you 30 minutes before going to bed and sit with yourself. You have to ask yourself what should be done tomorrow and how to get most of it. The 30 minutes at the end of the day with your phones away is a very crucial time because it will automatically help you to start thinking about the day and your life. There will many thoughts going around your mind at night you just have to get through all that stuff and simply focus on I am going to make tomorrow the most productive day of my life. Programme your subconscious mind by talking about it and it will let you focus on your goals because it has now transferred from conscious mind to Subconscious state of mind.
2- Wake up at 5 A.M.: First and Foremost thing to do in the morning is when that alarm goes off get up from the bed and in 5 seconds go. You must be thinking about why it’s that much important?. The reason is that it is the first decision you are making of the day and it is to actually get up and get moving. It means you are persistently bigger than your excuses and bigger then felling lazy.
3- Do what you Love: For have an hour or so watch selective content that makes you feel happy and help you to look forward to your day. For half an hour just watch people speaking but don’t watch comedy because there is a huge difference between listening to people speak and laughing. For example watch interviews, clips os some podcasts, reading, and all other stuff and prefer the content of the English language because it will help to improve your English. That’s your first dose of relaxation in the morning then reply to whoever texted you at night.
4– Do some Exercise: Its time to run and lift weight and all that stuff but don’t do things you hate to do only because everybody else is doing it. Take the exercise you like most to do and which will make you energetic like running, meditation, yoga, dancing, Jumba, Lift weight, etc. Do this for a half hour to an hour and sweat out your body.
5– Take the shower: After sweating out your body take a shower and clean yourself. This ritual is called preparation. The act of cleaning all the sweat and grime off your body in itself will help and you will start feeling special about yourself without a sign of worry or doubt.
6– Revisit your plan: You are at the start of a great day. so revisit whatever you had planned last night, just to set yourself on the right path. From this point, all your efforts should be towards protecting your plan from all the disturbances and must try for keeping your routine as simple as possible.
7– Remain Flexible: A lot of us people are wasting our mental energy in overthinking. There are some days when it will be so easier to practice your daily routine as planned but on other days you can get distracted so easily and it might seem impossible to do self-care activity. But all the stuff will get under your control you just needed to remain flexible. Look for the stuff that fits best for you at the moment as it said no two days are similar for the work.
8– Manage your phone: One should use the phone for maximum personal profitilization. People in this fast-changing technology world spends a huge amount of the day in the phones, so use it for getting the best outcome from it and unfollow all other stuff that distracts you for achieving your goal.
9– Have an evening ritual: In the evening after going through all the stuff, one should put an end to this daily routine stuffs and focus on yourself and your family. One should get away from all the stress and the responsibilities of the day. Do some cardio for 20 minutes, Have a chat with your family and friends, read a book or all other things that provide you with the motivation. And before going to the bed Meditate on how you spent the day and start again from the first activity and think how you can make the next day better than today.
10– Be you: Having the daily routine and adapt to it is a great skill for development. But one should be yourself as these habits take much time to develop, so one should not be too hard on ownself. If you are getting too hard you might not get the opportunity to enjoy the profitability of the routine. So just be you and make your routine successful.

There are many peoples who reject the daily routines because they wanted to go with the flow and keep there schedules open-ended. But there are many benefits of keeping a daily routine. Following are some that will help you to Cherish the Moment:-
*Make us more Efficient.
*Helps to create structure in life.
*Saves Our Most Valuable Resource – Time.
*Builds Good Habits and Break Bad Habits.
*Helps us Get the Most Important tasks Done.
*Builds Momentum and Self-confidence.
*Helps to reduce stress and tiredness and Facilitate Relaxation.
*Helps us Achieve Our Goals.
*Keeping Track of Our Success.
You are the one that controls whether or not you are gonna have a good day. All of us are the ones who define negative impact whether having good or bad impacts on our life. It’s your mentality which affects, the mind is your battleground nobody can affect whether you are going to have a good day or not it full depends upon yourself and your mind.
By following our simple procedure of daily routine we are sure that it will definitely help you to become the best version of yourself and helps you to Live your today happily and to make the most out of it.