Happy birthday Google

                      Happy birthday Google

                 The internet giant Google is celebrating the 17th birthday on 27th September 2015. The theme of Google Doodle on 27th   September is the birthday celebration.
According to record the domain google.com was officially registered on 15th September in the year 1997. Previously Google used to celebrate birthday on September 7th (The date of its first incorporation), till the year 2005. The date was changed to September 27th in the year 2005 when Google reaches a record number of indexing pages by its search engine.
       On its 16th birthday an animated doodle was posted. On that doodle six letters of Google represented six different characters. The first letter G was wearing birthday hat.

 google's 16 th birthday
On the 15th birthday an interactive version of Pinata, which is a popular birthday party game of Mexico was posted on its homepage.

 On its 14th birthday a chocolate cake doodle was posted on its homepage with 14 candles.

In the year 2011 a photograph is posted on Google doodle where there was a cake on the table.13 candles were lighted on the top of the cake. There were gifts and balloons around the table. Google logo sat surrounding the table wearing party hats.

But we become confused when we browse achieves of Google doodle. On its 4th birthday the doodle was on 27th September. But on its 5th birthday the Google doodle was on 8th September. On its 6th birthday it was September 7th. On its 7th birthday it was September 6. But from the 8th birthday onwards it seemed to us that Google settled its birthday on September 27.

                  First Google Doodle.  

            First Google Homepage.

Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Google.