For the first time in the history of the world


         The name of the painting is ‘Birth’. The artist is an Indian Goanese Francis Newton Souza. In a New York auction this painting was sold for 26 crore (two hundred sixty million) rupees. In the history of the painting sailing no painting is sold for such a high price before. For the first time a painting is sold for such a high price of two hundred sixty million rupees, which is a world record. The first time a painting by an Indian is sold for this record money. The painting was bought by a painting collector of Delhi Kiran Nadar. In the year 2008 the wife of Indian industrialist Anil Ambani’s wife, Tina Ambani bought such a valuable painting from London for 2.5 million rupees. Tina Ambani bought this from London auction for her own organisation ‘Harmony Arts Foundation’.

            What is the theme of this highly priced painting? A naked pregnant woman is delivering three babies. This is the central theme of the painting.
         But why is this painting sold for such a high price? The organisers are saying that previously the paintings of Souza were not sold for such a high rate. On most of his painting exhibition half of the paintings remain unsold. In the year 1955 Souza wrote an autobiographical essay. The name of the essay was ‘Nirvana of a Maggot’. The essay was published in a magazine. After that the paintings of Souza became famous throughout the world. After the death of Souza in 2002 the value of his paintings increases more.

          Another painting of Souza named ‘Man and Woman Laughing’ was sold for 16.84 crore rupees.