Creating powerful positive atmosphere


                    We can serve the world through our mind, through our atmosphere. We have the intense desire to bring spirituality in our life. But we don’t have the power. It is not just enough to be knowledge full but we also need to make ourselves powerful. Knowledge is only light but together with light there is need of might. We need to understand the importance of our thoughts and our feelings. Thoughts and feelings create an attitude. Attitude is mental outlook. Our thoughts go into the atmosphere in the form of vibrations. Whether you say something or not, whether you explain something or not but people will feel. The people who come in contact with you they will feel the vibration. They can smell the vibration. They can take the vibrations. So it is very important to understand the power of thoughts. How much our power of thoughts can do to touch the hearts of others? It is very important to pay attention to our each and every thought. Environment is created by the elements of matter. We have five elements of matter. Each of them has their original qualities. Our presence can influence the elements of matter. Our attitude creates atmosphere. Our thoughts and feeling becomes our attitude. Attitude goes out in the form of vibrations and influences the atmosphere. My attitude has to be positive.  My attitude can be powerful. What kind of attitude creates a powerful atmosphere? Actually it is our elevated attitude. Elevated attitude means elevated feelings and elevated good wishes. When we combine our attitude with elevated thoughts and feeling that makes the atmosphere spiritual and powerful. You don’t have to speak a single word. Your presence will touch other souls.

              There are five to six values to create our attitude. I need to have an attitude of kindness. I need to have an attitude of mercy, an attitude of compassion and forgiveness and humility and self respect. Combined with all these values automatically my thoughts, my feelings become elevated and it spreads.

                               What is actually means to have an attitude of kindness? It is to extend selfless love. Love to everyone without any expectations.
            An attitude of forgiveness is I am able to co-operate with such souls who even defame us. Waste thoughts create our atmosphere heavy. Awareness into action, that creates an atmosphere. When we become an embodiment of awareness then it goes into the attitude that becomes an atmosphere.

          How do I know the atmosphere is powerful? We can feel that. We feel empowered the moment we enter into soul conscious state. We need to have the attitude of renunciation. We need to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest. An attitude beyond any kind of desire is needed. I have to keep myself empowered. Then I can empower others. If my stage, my state of mind is not stable, I cannot create a powerful atmosphere. As is my awareness, so is my state of mind. As is my attitude so is my atmosphere. If I am not able to create a spiritual atmosphere, I cannot create a powerful atmosphere. What kind of atmosphere should I maintain the whole day? Whatever is my attitude that will be my atmosphere? Constant practice of soul consciousness naturally is very essential. Knowledge in action becomes wisdom. It flows into the atmosphere in the form of spirituality. I am not the one who get transformed but I am the one who transform.