Controlling temper and maintaining hard work in life:

There are times when you feel like leaving everything and not working for anything. Well, honestly, you have to take some while off from work in order to keep your mind and soul in the place, but taking a complete break from your dreams is something you have to avoid at any cost. Here is one such motivational story and you can go through it hopefully it will give you motivation:
There was a time back in early nineteenth when there was a boy who was talented, handsome and smart. But at the same time, he was quite selfish and temper was difficult that everyone wanted to move away from him and not make his friends. At times he will get angry and use harsh words that would hurt people around him.
Everyone from the family was extremely concerned about the bad temper he was having. They considered doing many different things and then the father of this boy came up with an idea. He asked his family to call the son and gave him a bag of nails and a hammer. He said, “Every time you get angry, you take a nail and drive it into the old fence as hard as you can”.
The hammer was very heavy and the fence was tough, nevertheless, this boy was furious on his first day he drove 37 nails through the fence.
Days passed and the number of nails on the fence gradually decreased. After some time this boy started to that it is easier to take hold on the temper than driving the nails into the fence.
One day the boy didn’t need the nail and hammer anymore as he learned to have held on his temper perfectly. He told this to his father and in return, his father asked him to pull out one nail on days when he was able to hold his temper throughout the day. With this, the days passed each time the nails were going off the fence and he gained control over his temper. His father appreciated him each time and told him a fact he learned from the life he asked him to focus on the holes that have been left from the nails. The fence will never be able to return back to its initial form the same happens when we use harsh words for anyone, whether it is a person we love or someone we have known for a while we can never take back the words we have said. They leave a scar just like the nail left a scar in the fence. It is always important to treat a person with respect irrespective of the mood we are having at that situation everyone is able to achieve something or the other in their lives and in thought of paying their achievements some respect we should always think before uttering something even if we feel that it is okay to joke about a person’s specifics but for the truth to be told something that seems good to you might not be fine for the other person.