Jeff Bezos Process for How To Deal with Criticism.

Jeff Bezos Process for How To Deal with Criticism.

Jeff Bezos Process for How To Deal with Criticism.

Considering how to defeat fear about being criticized by others? It’s something we as a whole deal with sooner or later. It’s an ordinary part of being human to pass judgment and be made a decision by others. You can defeat the fear of being criticized by understanding it’s something we as a whole do constantly.

The greater the game you play, the more criticism you will get. The more you put yourself out there, the more individuals will endeavor to tear you down. To defeat the fear of criticism remember that opinions are a specific piece of the human life structures- everybody has one, and the greater part of them stink.

However, Most criticism is irrelevant and they are your greatest fans. The greatest way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, be nothing, and say nothing right?

It’s okay to make mistakes because you learn. It’s okay for individuals to call attention to your oversights since then you get the chance to develop as an individual. It’s NOT okay, however, to beat yourself up to let in toxic criticism.

Maybe a couple has needed to climate the measure of criticism that the organizer of the world’s biggest online retailer, Jeff Bezos has in late years. To manage those clashing perspectives, Bezos said it’s important to establish a framework.

You are Going To Be Misunderstood. If you are doing anything interesting in the world, You are going to have critics. It’s okay, it’s all part of the process.

–Jeff Bezos.

Let’s look at Jeff Bezos process for how to deal with criticism.

Establishing a framework.

To manage that criticism, Bezos said it’s essential to establish a framework.
According to Jeff Bezos, a simple, “listen, ask, change,” framework is highly effective. It helps to get more open with criticism.

Listen– Instead of avoiding or ignoring the criticism, it is important to listen to the criticism. He says there is much valuable information one can receive from criticism, so rejecting criticism can hamper your development.

Ask– one should ask yourself whether the criticism you received is right or wrong. We often accept criticism without asking yourself which results in negative outcomes.

Change– After asking yourself, if you believe that the criticism is wrong then you have to just let it go and move forward. But if you decide and get played by the criticism then no force in the world be able to help you for growing.

Moral- Establishing a framework is how one can conceptualize the nature of the problem, its basis, and its criticism. It helps to clarify the criticism in a manner that is more clearly defined.

Stick To Your Strategy:

In Amazon’s early days most people didn’t pay attention to them or care about them, it’s when he developed this framework.
Back in 1995, when Amazon was still a bookstore, Jeff started experimenting with customer reviews. After some period of time, Bezos received a letter from a book publisher saying Amazon had misunderstood the retail industry. The platform should not display negative reviews as it will result in fewer sales.

But According to Bezos, it was the publisher that had misunderstood Amazon’s goal. The goal was not to make money through selling things but to make money by helping people to make the purchase decision.

Moral: Over time, you will get many criticisms for the strategy that you have framed. But if you have believed in your process and knowing that it is the right kind of plan you will get multiple benefits from it. If Jeff Bezos didn’t stick to his strategy there might be a possibility that Amazon would not able to come this far.

Take out the Positives:

When Amazon faced with criticism about paying less salary to the employee, Bezos developed this framework.

According to Bezos, this criticism was not just simply an attack on Amazon but it was a call for the company to initiate a wider industry shift. We have two ways to deal with this criticism one is to offer competitive compensation and the other is lead. As soon as we framed it that way, we’re like ‘let’s decide to lead’ and I think people will understand.

Moral- It is easy to remain positive in a positive environment, but when things are emotionally draining and negative then it is so hard to remain positive. But you have the opportunity to get out of the criticism and beacon your light by taking out the positives.

Bezos talks about the significance of confining criticism and how the manner in which we see that criticism has a major effect on our capacity to explore it. Listen to criticism when you trust it has an incentive as a vehicle for development. However, don’t be afraid to say no and stick to your strategy when you believe it’s wrong as well.

Remember- If you really want to achieve something you will find a way and if you don’t you will find excuses.

Things to do before applying for Google AdSense

Things to do before applying for Google AdSense

Today is the day of the internet you can do almost everything on the internet. Even you can find a job which is paying high and become millionaire and billionaire with online jobs. Now you will say I am joking but no, I am saying it seriously.

How is this possible? Yes, it is possible you can find a job at Google, you can work in Google company from sitting at your home. Now Google offers a service which is called Google AdSense.

Google AdSense helps you to monetize your website, blogs, or even your videos but it’s not easy nowadays to monetize your platform with Google AdSense. Google has created some strict rules and policies. A lot of people are facing problems getting approval to monetize their platform.

There can be only one possible reason for rejection of your application or it can be more than one reason. When you fix the problems and issues with your platform you can easily get approval to monetize your platform with Google AdSense.

So here are some of the terms and factors you must follow.

1- High-Quality Articles

You have to keep in mind that you have to be passionate about what you are writing. Make the articles beneficial for people only then it will be attracted by the audience.

High-quality articles means, you have to create 100% unique and original articles, make it useful, don’t make any grammar mistakes, make proper use of headings and bullets.

2- Make a Privacy Policy Page

Remember it is very important that your website has a privacy policy page. It is also required for the approval of Google AdSense. It also helps to ensure your audience that your website is not a scam. Basically, you have to mention the motive of your website and what the audience can do on your website and what are the limitations of your website.

3- About Us Page

One important factor to get the approval of Google AdSense is the About Us page. You have to write about your team and yourself, so people get to know you. You have to mention that what you will be sharing through this website, what will be served by you to your audience. It’s very important to create this page.

4- Contact Us

Make a page about Contact Us on your website so that users can discuss their ideas and thoughts about your website. It will help you also to improve your website with their opinions and suggestions.

5- Content for everyone

When you start your writing career with your website, don’t use any content or word related to pornography. Remember that hacking or any pirated content is not allowed with Google. You need to create articles which can help people among different ages whether it is a child or any old age audience.

6- Organic Traffic

When your website starts gaining traffic from the Google search engine, you can be assured that you are now eligible to get approval for Google AdSense. There are very high chances that you can get approval when your website starts getting organic traffic but make sure don’t make any paid traffic because it can get you in trouble.

So these were the facts which I analyzed while working for Google by so many years. If you are also getting a problem with approval of Google AdSense you can try these out.



Mining is the process of digging of ground for the extraction of minerals in the form of ore. The ores are then converted into metals by the process of metallurgy which includes several other processes. But the over mining can be an issue of environmental degradation. The minerals are extracted basically for economical use. The coal is used for the fuel in thermal power plants. The others are also done for economic benefits.
But since we are so much directed towards benefits that we forget how much the excess mining is harming the environment and ultimately we are on the side of loss. Various problems of over mining include
• Deforestation
Since for more and more mining land is required and obviously using the land in metropolitan is not an option. Then ultimately for fulfilling the need if mining areas forest cover is getting reduced and also in most of the cases the land piece after mining also turns barren and cannot be used for cultivation as well. But since the mineral requirement is also necessary then this problem is neglected.
• Groundwater pollution
The mining pollutes groundwater because the ores get mixed with the groundwater and pollute it making it unfit for drinking. The water then gets so polluted sometimes causing different diseases which may become really difficult to cope up.
• Surface water pollution
The runoff from the agricultural land pollutes the waterbodies too. The mining not only harms the groundwater but also the surface water and aquatic life. The whole ecosystem gets disturbed by these activities.
• Acid Mine Drainage
Certain chemicals are harmless when present underground. But due to mine process, these minerals are present on the soil layer in the form of patches. When it rains the chemicals get harmful and gets mixed with the waterbodies affecting aquatic life and human life too. These problems are not so minor to be neglected rather it plays real havoc with nature.
• Land Subsidence
Because of over mining there arises a vacancy between two layers of soil. This, in turn, causes land subsidence and a collapse of building and roads takes place. This cause many road accidents and loss to human life and property.
• Dislocation of people
Just because the mining area is required people are asked to migrate from their native place to different places. The case study of Malguri Hills by Vedanta Complex is a perfect example for this as they asked native people to migrate from there and they did not even provide them proper places to live.
• Stress upon renewable resources
Because the miners also live at the site until mining is completed. Tus this causes natural stress over renewable resources.
• Occupational Hazards
Not only it suffers other people out there but also the people in occupation gets caught with many diseases like black lung cancer from coal mining, asbestosis from Asbestos mining and silicosis from silica mining.
Despite the occupational hazards, there are many real-life occurrences like in Chile mining case and the most recent in the country is Meghalaya Miners Case. These occurrences cause people to suffer. Accidentally the mine got closed and it caused miners to get trapped over there. Their survival was really hard under the ground. Moreover, the mine was too deep and the water was there inside therefore the rescue operation became very much difficult and people had to suffer.
The problem is that way to encourage excess mining if it is causing us to lose this much? Everything in a limit has advantages but when it gets excessive it starts to deteriorate the existing quality too. Though coal is a necessity today for the fuel requirement in power plants. But we need to reduce the need. We have to bring different plants based on renewable resources. We cannot rely on exhaustible resources every time. We should bring in the concept of solar energy, wind energy, and other renewable resources. This would also help in increasing the economy of the nation. Infect the forest area and great cultivation will also be encouraged. The environment is ours and until we ourselves do not take steps to preserve it.
For green, the healthy and serene environment it is necessary to eliminate the factors which are exploiting the ecosystem else after few decades there would be no life on the planet earth. The earth would change into mining land. So, it’s better to take a step forward in order to save the earth before its too late.

Dates give relief in various problems along with constipation

Dates give relief in various problems along with constipation

According to our traditional folklore, dates are beneficial food ingredient that makes our physical organ active to do work without any disturbance. It contains a large quantity of vitamin, minerals, calcium, and iron. As a result of that, the regular intake of Dates makes you healthy with much more energy and freshness either in your physical work or rest in your bed.
Nowadays, due to the change in lifestyle, man has to change the food habits in a day to day life. As a result of that, most of the time, man has to suffer from a stomach problem with a strong irritation. Sometimes, chronic pain in the stomach makes the man suffered for a long time. In that regards, dates surely give that chronic patient a lifelong relief if he takes a piece of dates in a ceaseless way as dates contain a good amount of fiber which makes stomach healthy with a good outlet every day.
Overweight in body structure becomes normal with a regular intake of two-piece dates as the date reduces your appetite. As a result of that, fat burning begins to keep up body energy at a standard level from day to day. With your slim figure, you feel easy and flexible at your movement and will get much more energy to do a lot of work in everyday life.


A Summary is a short description That gives only the main points of something.


Read the passage repeatedly till you understand it fully and well.

[2] Underline the important points or ideas.

[3] Leave out all unnecessary details or points.

[4] Do not use big words or long sentences and quote.

[5] Do not change the order of the points.

[6] Avoid examples, comparisons, quotations, and expressions like I think, in my opinion.

[7] Use your own words as far as possible keeping all the important points.

[8] Reduce the passage to not more than half and not less than one-third of the original.

You must understand the author’s purpose in writing the passage. You must understand and select important points in the passage.


Bhagsbati Debi was a noble and kind lady. She loved to live with poor villagers. Once her son, Vidyasagar, saw her wearing an old, torn shawl. He was very unhappy. He bought a new shawl for her. Bhagabati Debi took the shawl from her son but did not use it. She put it in her box. Many people in the village had nothing to wear in winter. So Bhagabati did not wear the new shawl.

Bhagahati lived with the poor villagers. Her son Vidyasagar saw her wearing a torn shawl. He bought her a new shawl. But she did not use the new shawl as many villagers had nothing to wear in winter.

[2] There was a quarrel between the wind and the sun. The wind said, “You are not half as strong as I” The sun said, I am stronger than you.” Suddenly they saw a man coining down the road. The wind said, “The one of us who can make the man take off his coat will be the winner.” The sun said, “I’ll let you have the first chance.” The wind first tried his power. He blew an icy blast. But the more he blew the more did the man hold tight the coat around him. The wind had to give up trying any more. Now it was the turn of the sun. He began to shine down upon the man with all his might. The man felt too hot to hold the coat on his body. He was forced to take off his coat.
Hints to do the summary…

Read the text twice over and answer the following questions in your mind—
(l) Who quarreled?
(2) How did they quarrel?
(3) Who came there?
(4) What did they agree to?
(5) What did the wind do?
(6) What was the result?
(7) What did the sun do ?—

The answer will give you the summary.

Here is the answer…

There was a quarrel between the wind and the sun. Each claimed that he was stronger than the other. Then a man came by. It was decided that whichever of the two could take away the man’s coat would be held stronger. The wind blew hard but the man held the coat tighter. The sun shone and the man felt very hot and took off his coat.

Example 3.

The Terai forest is the usual home for large animals like elephants, tigers, gaurs and wild buffaloes. There are also deer, rhinoceros, pythons, and bears. Here the smallest animals are mountain goats, mountain sheep, wolves, and flying squirrels. Birds are plenty in the Terai and Bhabar regions. Most of them are singing birds like Shama, Drango, and Thrush. Game birds like Fowl and Partridge can also be seen. In the mountain region, birds have beautifully colored feathers, but they cannot sing as sweety as the Terai birds. In the plains, they are worms like Leeches. These are quite harmful to the farmers. The forest on the mountains breeds ticks. These are very small blood-sucking insects. These are also no less harmful to the people living over there.


Large animals like elephants, tiger, and buffaloes live in the Terai forest. Deer, bears, and rhinos also live in this area. The smallest animals like goats, sheep, and wolves are also available M this forest. Singing birds Shatna, thrush etc. and game birds like fowls and partridge are also found here. The birds of the mountains are beautiful but they cannot sing sweetly like the Tarai birds. In the plain, there live leeches and ticks. They are harmful to the people living over there. [4] Little Rabi lived in a nursery. It was near the servants’ quarter. In .1′ recited the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The children kept quiet and listened to them. They almost knew these great epics by heart. children saw their mothers at bedtime or only when they were ill. They used to give the children very little food. The children could not say seldom saw their fathers. The servants usually looked after them. They anything to their parents. The servants, however, told them stories and sit at a window. Then he would draw a line around him with a chalk, roll those days boys of most of the rich families lived in this manner. The Very often Rabi’s servant would give him some food and make him his eyes and say, “Now look, young Master, stay inside this line and you’ll be safe. You know the story of Sita. Lakshmana drew a line, but she stepped over it. You know what happened then. The horrible demon got there.”


Little Rabi lived in a nursery, It was near the servant’s quarters. In those days boys of most of the rich families lived in this manner. The children saw their mothers at bedtime or only when they were in They seldom saw their fathers. The servants usually looked after them They used to give the children very little food. The children could not say anything to their parents. The servants, however, told them stories and recited the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The children kept quiet and listened to them. They almost knew those great epics by heart. Very often Rabi’s servant f, give him some food and make him sit at a window. Then he would draw a line around him with a chalk, roll his eyes and say, “Now look, young Master, stay inside this line and you’ll be safe. You know the story of Sita. L.akshmana drew a line, but she stepped over it You know what happened then. The horrible demon got there.”


Little Rabi lived in the nursery. In those days the servants looked after the children of the family. Rabi’s servant would often give him little food. Rabi could not complain to his parents. The servants would tell him stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and make him sit at the window. The servant would draw a line and told the boy not to cross the line.

Example- 5.

A mother had three sons. She used to keep jam in a meat-safe. One of the sons, a naughty boy, used to steal it. The mother could not catch the thief. At last, she hit upon a plan. Once she called in all her sons and said. “My dear ones, you see my jam is daily stolen. You all say that none of you have stolen it. But I know who the thief is. There is a piece of chalk on the head of the child who has stolen the jam.” As soon as they heard, one of the sons, put up his hand and felt his head. The mother now spotted out the thief and took him to the task.


A mother had three sons. One of them used to steal jars from his meat-safe. She was unable to catch the thief. She hit upon a plan. She called all the sons and told them that the thief had got a piece of chalk on his head. The guilty boy at once felt his head by the hand. The thief was detected and punished.


“One hot day a wolf and a bull came at the same time to drink at a small well. Both made up their minds to drink first and none would give in. From words, they soon came to blows. Thus they fought for a long time. At last, they were so tired that they were glad to take rest on the ground. As they lay on the ground they saw crowds of crows in the sky. The birds had come to feast on the one which should fall first. At this, the two beasts said in one voice. “Why should we fight and be the food of these crows? Let us make friends and drink in peace.”


A wolf and a bull came to drink from the same well. Both wanted to drink first. They fell out and fought. They became tired and took some rest_ Then they saw a group of crows over their heads. The crows came to eat the one which would die first. This was a lesson to the beasts. They made friends and drank in peace.

Example- 7.

The seasons in the tropics are quite different from the seasons in temperate and arctic countries. In the tropics, there are wet seasons and dry seasons, but the weather is hot and warm all the year round, and there are no such things as forest or ice or snow, except on the tops of high mountains. Also, there is little difference in the length of days, or in the general appearances of the vegetation there are always flowers and fruits,

and trees are always green, because, as old leaves die and fall, new leaves are already growing to take their place. In temperate and arctic countries the distinction between the seasons is marked chiefly by great changes in temperature, from the heat in summer to cold in winter, with the milder seasons of spring and autumn between.


The tropical countries have very different seasons from the seasons of the temperate and arctic countries. In the tropics it is usually hot throughout the year with a wet season in between—There is little difference in the length of days and in the appearance of vegetation in the tropics. In the Arctic countries, the difference in seasons is marked by changes in temperature.

How Do Pencil Erasers Work?

How does an eraser work, what will you do when you make a mistake while writing with a pencil, Take an eraser and rub it out? An eraser is used for removing pencil marks from a paper.

 It is generally made up of natural or synthetic rubber, vinyl plastic or a gum-like material. Now, as you might know, a pencil’s lead is made up of graphite, water, and clay. Graphite particles stick better on an eraser than on paper. 

So, when we rub with an eraser, the graphite particles stick to the eraser and are removed from the paper. We can then make the necessary corrections.