Blue Tea: This Herbal Tea That May Help In Weight Loss

Blue Tea This Herbal Tea That May Help In Weight Loss

Nowadays there are lots of people who take herbal teas, as a good no. of people get to know about the side effects of regular tea and coffee. A number of herbal teas across the world make their mark on tea lovers, mainly those teas made from flowers such as chamomile and blue pea. While chamomile is properly known as for its mild and soothing flavor which acts as a stress buster, tea made from blue pea is not that well known. Dried blue pea flowers yield a brew that is stunning in color, and that can be enjoyed cold or hot. Blue teas are made from blue pea flower which has some health benefits. Blue tea evenly used for weight loss, other than its antioxidant properties and also it can fight with stress.

Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Blue Tea
Blue tea contains catechins, which are very helpful in burning belly fat and aiding weight loss. The best practical way to rev up the metabolism is to drink butterfly-pea flowers seeped in warm water, which helps to make the body burn more calories. Here are some more benefits of blue tea, before trying it you may want to know:

  1. This tea is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a perfect beverage to involve in your detox diet. Antioxidants will protect your body from free radical action.
  2. Blue tea is said to be great for the skin, due to its claimed anti-glycation effects, which fights against skin aging.
  3. Blue tea is said to be perfect for your skin, due to its claimed anti-glycation effects, which fight against skin aging. The flavonoids present in blue tea might also stimulate collagen production.
  4. The earthy flavor of butterfly-pea flower tea is said to be a mood enhancer. The tea is supposed to have stress-busting effects that might even assist reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  5. Blue tea is supposed to help in losing water weight as it is a natural diuretic drink.
  6. Blue tea is also said to have a role in regulating blood sugar levels, although there is not much scientific evidence to suggest that it is helpful in managing diabetes.

Many people have claimed that blue tea also helpful in managing fatty liver diseases and reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood, but no research proves about the same. Blue tea is an excellent alternative for caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea, and you may consume it as such, to reduce your caffeine intake. Now the drink is available for purchase in some supermarkets and on online websites.

Robotic Surgery- Advanced Alternative

Robotic surgery is a computer-assisted surgery as well as a robot-assisted surgery which is another advanced technology which makes efficient use of robotic systems to carry on the surgical procedures. This surgery is basically developed to overcome the limitations of pre-existing minimal surgical procedures and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery this means that instead of operating on patients through large instruments we use miniaturized instruments that fit through a series of quarter-inch instruments where surgery was performed with the world’s most advanced surgical robot. In this, the instruments are mounted on the arms of the robot which allows the surgeon for maximum motions and accuracy as well. The robot in the fourth arm contains a 3D camera that guides the surgeon of the whole procedure. The surgeon controls the operation from a console in the operating room. The doctor can operate the four arms of the robot using his fingers on the master line control while looking through a stereoscopic high definition monitor that is placed inside the patient. The ultimate effect is to offer the surgeon unprecedented control in a minimally invasive environment. Making a use of this advanced technology the surgeons are able to perform a growing number of complex urological, gynecological, cardiological and many more surgical procedures. Since these procedures are performed using small instruments thus patients are benefited more as compared to any opening surgery. The biggest advantage of this surgery lies in the fact that for executing the procedure the surgeon does not need to be present at the place but can perform through any place in the world leading to the greater probability of remote surgery.
In the case of enhanced open surgery, numerous instruments in familiar configurations replaced the traditional steel tools which were used for performing much smoother feedback – controlled motions by a human hand. The main objective of this lies in the fact that it reduces the traumatic tissue traditionally that is associated with open surgery without requiring more than few minutes training of any surgeon. This approach improves open surgeries like cardio-thoracic that are not efficiently conducted by minimally invasive techniques.
Many advances that are treated using surgical robots are remote surgery and unmanned surgery. Due to robotic use, the surgery is done with miniaturized instruments and accuracy, decreased blood loss and with less healing time as well. The articulation that is simply beyond the normal manipulation and also the 3D magnification helps improved ergonomics. Due to these improved methods, there is also a reduced duration of hospital stay, blood loss transfusions and the use of medication related to pain. The existing open surgery techniques have many flaws like limited access to the surgical area, long recovery time, long hours of operation, surgical scars and marks.
The robot cost is around $1,390,000 and its disposal supply cost is around $1500 per procedure. In addition to this surgical training is required to operate the system. Many surgeons report that though this provides a better alternative to open surgery but the training that they should be given before operating should be really intensive and should operate on at least 18 patients to adopt the technology in a proper way. But comparative to all other minimally invasive surgeries the robot-assisted surgeries are the best alternatives because it provides a better control of the surgeons on the instruments and a better view of the surgical site. Moreover, surgeons do not need to stand and tire quickly during the procedure. The patients when coming with an expectation of less blood loss, less pain then this serves a good purpose.
The critics of the system said that the procedure is not easily acceptable to all the surgeons around the world and needs intense learning before adapting into the method. It has also been criticized for its expense which is estimated costing 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars per patient.

Block Chain Technology- A Future Need and Revolution

The world is so much overburdened with the information today that it is becoming impossible to manage the stress of this overload. Though it is being stored regularly there is no justified reliability over the transfer and its accuracy. Without intermediaries, our world has become imaginable. The transactions that are done on regular basis and this reliability over the intermediaries facilitate them to flourish. This is also very ironical because as we diminish the intermediate barriers we will surely suffer from lack of veracity.
The blockchain is one of the terms that is now heard quite numerous times. It is a technology which does not require any central governing agency and is an open source having no data center. It is basically a distributed technology that connects across multiple systems together and stores information to enable peer to peer transactions in a secured manner based on reliable sources. Each data piece is named as a block while series of this data is known as blockchain. It is surely a digital ledger that will improve the network by demolishing the middle sources. This will change the scenario of the world. It is far improved invention than cryptocurrencies There are numerous of uses if this technology and the main motive if this lies in the ease of making payments and other transactions safely and generates a digital currency. Moreover, the blockchain can never be failed because the information is stored across multiple systems known as nodes. Many leading companies like Infosys are working with different banks to bring out the concept and let it rule the world. Because if this technology flourishes the way it has been vision it can cause miracles to happen in the field of networking. This will also help the commercial growth as it will cut the cross transaction charges.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
It is surely mistaken that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same things. As they are not same they are surely connected. Cryptocurrency is a part of blockchain but blockchain is not restricted only to cryptocurrencies It is a far big concept and has multiple uses and features which will improve the payment networks.
Besides cryptocurrencies, blockchain will prove helpful in various businesses across the world. New start-ups can raise funds for their businesses using initial coin offering technology in the blockchain. It is also a place called the stock market.
Secure payment option
There is a problem of privacy with the data and data leakage issues. Many times it has been noticed that many payment networks are hacked and money is lost just in seconds. To remove this problem blockchain will prove as a good alternative because no hacker in the world can hack this currency. This is so sure as the blockchain technology do not store any history of the transaction and since there is no central idea of data center thus the transaction we saved across thousands of computer around the world. Hence hacker will not get any particular hacking address for extracting the information. And for hacking the blockchain one at least require 50%of the database which is practically impossible.

Resolving problems and fast settlements
The banking process is time-consuming and takes around 2 days to settle up with the problem. However, using blockchain these problems can be resolved in no more than an hour. Thus it can surely improve the financial sector.

Commercial growth
Cross-border payment is something where most of the company lose their revenue in the form of paid fees.
Blockchain reduces the fees considerably by removing the intermediate parties. It can also benefit the civil court cases pertaining to land issues. It can be used for maintaining proper and uniform records thereby reducing the burden. The food supply chain can also be benefited as improved data sharing will improve the stockholders to clear their dues and consumers will get good quality food. It can be extended to various industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and telecom.
Though realistically this is so empowering it is not that easy to implement as the geeks are wanting. Because the public see the system very differently. Banks are prohibiting virtual currencies because they are confusing this with cryptocurrencies. This can really prove a harsh blow to this. It will bring a revolutionary change and will overtake the bitcoin technology. The fundamental uniqueness of this technology is that it is surely immutable because it shares a cloud with back account book which can only be accessed by a righteous person. The tedious can be easily avoided. All this needs a support from the government because it needs a great support from adopters to flourish. If given a chance this can surely reduce many data storing problems around the world.

Sonali Bendre is back to Mumbai, Cancer Treatment is done for now

Sonali Bendre, who was undergoing treatment in New York for cancer, returned to Mumbai on Monday morning and Yes, she is recovering. Sonali Bendre and her husband Goldie Behl were photographed at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning, where husband Goldie Behl informed that Sonali’s treatment is complete for now but she will have her regular check-ups. Sonali.s Husband Goldie Behl said, “Sonali is recovering, she is back for now. She is recovering very well and for now, the treatment has ended. But the disease can back so regular check-ups will be done”.
Before coming back to Mumbai, Sonali shared pictures from the airport and shared an emotional homecoming message on social media. “I am on my way back to the home where my heart is. It’s a feeling I can’t describe in words but I am going to try”, read an excerpt from Sonali’s post.
Sonali Bendre revealed that she has been diagnosed with “High-grade cancer” in July of this year. The 43-year-old actress shared a lengthy note on her Instagram, in which she wrote that she didn’t see this coming, “Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with high-grade cancer.
While Sonali was in New York, she had fun with Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner. She also met veteran actor Rishi Kapoor [who was also in New York for medical treatment]. Sonali even attended Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower. She frequently shared many inspirational posts on her Instagram profile.
Sonali Bendre is best-known for her performances in films such as Hum Sath-Sath Hain, Sarfarosh and Duplicate among others.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’ Delhi Reception: PM Modi was there


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding reception in New Delhi, which was conducted at Taj Palace Hotel. Over this weekend, Priyanka and Nick got married in the two-part wedding ceremony in Jodhpur. This is the first reception the newly married couple is hosting. Priyanka looked stunning in a silver lehenga while Nick complemented her in a black tuxedo. Priyanka accentuated her new bride look with matching jewelry. She wore her hair in a bun adorned with fresh flowers. The couple was accompanied by their respective families on the stage. They were dressed in Indian outfits and posed for the paparazzi.
Priyanka and Nick arrived in the National capital on the evening of Monday. The couple posed for paparazzi at the Jodhpur and Delhi airport. The new bride wore a beautiful green Sabyasachi saree and accessorized her look with red bridal choora and pearl set. She finished out her look with sindoor. Nick wore a safari jacket with matching pants. The newlyweds were accompanied by their respective families.
Priyanka Chopra, 36 and Nick Jonas, 26, exchanged wedding vows in a Christian ceremony on 1st December and on 2nd December, they got married as per Hindu rituals. Their pre-wedding festivities included a mehndi function and a sangeet ceremony. Fabulous pictures from the wedding ceremonies were shared by the couple on their respective Instagram accounts.
Congratulations, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas!

Search Engine Optimization- A future need

Search Engine Optimization is a way to make your website pop up in the search engine’s result pages(SERPs) such as in google on any other search engines. This technique is used mostly by the people to do the task for them as it becomes really tedious to do themselves. The more appropriate to describe the search engine optimization is internet marketing or search engine marketing. The basic task of such companies is to keep a check on certain scams that should not affect the search engine result pages by adding filters such as Google Page’s Rank. In most of the cases, people do not need even to pay for search engine optimization services because usually, websites pop up on the screen themselves when relatable things are searched overtime anyway. But when it comes to online shopping websites or any other business websites want their website to show up firstly on the screen and thus they pay an amount for the search engine optimization to the companies that provide it.
Optimization techniques are highly balanced and tuned to the dominant and most famous search engines. The shares for search engine market varies from market to market as does competition. In 2003, Google represented about 75% of all the searches but in the markets other than the United States, Google’s share is often larger and Google remains the dominant search worldwide as of 2007. As of 2006, Google had around 90% of the market shares in Germany while united states had hundreds of SEO firms but only 5 were there in Germany. In 2008, the market in the UK was also close to 90% and that market share was achieved in many countries. In 2009 there were also some left where Google was not leading and lagged behind a local player.
Search Engine Optimisation for international markets may require professional translation of web pages, registration of the domain in the target market and also a web hosting with an IP address.
As we head towards the internet generation we see the need for search engine optimization and it is a worthy factor that it reduces and handles the traffic on any website. It helps any website to get to the top of the search result pages of the search engines like Yahoo, Google,Bing etc.
There are millions of websites which are closely connected to each other and posts on the same topic. For instance, if you have a website development company and someone searches on website development company on google then surely it will not be your website appearing first and that’s where search optimization plays a very important role and these companies are also being paid for this as they help your business to grow. Here are certain advantages of Search Engine Optimisation.
• Get organic traffic
If your business is enhancing and is at the top of the search engine page then surely there will be a lot of traffic onto your website which would hinder it’s working. Certain businesses require this traffic so as to advertise their products. Therefore the higher the rank your website posses on the search engine page higher will be the rate of customers.
• Credibility and trust
It is to establish a friendly and trustworthy foundation for an effective website. People trust those websites which are mostly visited and are good at ranking on the search engine page.
• Compete your opponent
As stated earlier it helps any business to grow and provides a better rank to the website and thus helps to compete the opponents.
• SEO is the future
As we see the upcoming generation will surely be an online generation thus, of course, search engine optimization is a future of today. And surely there is a great benefit and scope.

Reliance Digital Big TV Offer 5 Years Free DTH Channels in HD

Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Big TV has introduced a special offer to book DTH connections. Reliance has partnered with 50,000 post offices across the country. After this, customers can make an early booking by a post office.
Customers who make the booking will be given the HD HEVC set-top box. It will be equipped with latest features such as recording, USB port, HDMI port, recording, and watching. Channels will be free for 1 year. It will also include HD channels. 500 FTA (free-to-air) channels can be viewed for 5 years free of charge.
Users can take this offer by depositing 500 rupees from the post office. At the same time, set-top box installation time would be Rs 1500. To avail the loyalty bonus, the customer will have to recharge 300 rupees for the second year. This has to be done for two years. Subsequently, the subscriber will get a loyalty bonus of Rs. 2 thousand. That is, the amount you are accumulating, in the beginning, will be completely returned.
The booking will start from June 20
The company is going to start pre-booking of this service from June 20. Consumers of Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Sikkim will be able to pre-book DTH.

Facebook will remove ‘trending’

On  1 st June 2018 Facebook announced that it will remove ‘trending’ from next week. It will introduce new news experience. According to Facebook, the users have found this section less useful.

 Facebook launched ‘trending’ in the year 2014. It was available in only five countries. Only 1.5% of users used to click this feature. 

 Facebook found that nowadays the users are much interested in the news video. Facebook is trying to introduce new news experience and they are concentrating to supply the information or news from authentic sources.

Facebook is planning to introduce a new section called ‘today in’ where users will find local news. 
Facebook is also planning to give its users some movie video experiences.

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature 2016

 Bob Dylan, the world’s most influential singer, was awarded the Nobel Prize in the literature on Thursday.
Over 50 years on, Dylan is still writing new songs every day and loves traveling, performing songs.
Dylan’s most popular songs are “Blowing in the wind”, “like a rolling stone”, “Subterranean Homesick blues,” “The Times They are a-Changing” etc.
He has become the first person, who is a songwriter and to be awarded “Nobel Prize for Literature.”

He never stopped performing and never stopped writing new songs for about 50 years long.
He is a brilliant lyricist. His love songs are very popular among all. He sets an example that music can be as important as a great play or a great novel. 
Tony Morrison was the last American to win the prize in 1993.
His songs are indeed a marvelous piece of literature.

Bob Dylan is a legendary singer and a songwriter.
He has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature creating history by becoming the first musician to win the prize. He is most popularly known for his classics “Blowing in the wind.

Dylan was awarded for “having created new poetic expression” as declared by Swedish Academy. With this, he also becomes the first person in history to win a Grammy, an Oscar and now a “Nobel Prize”.

Happy birthday Google

                      Happy birthday Google

                 The internet giant Google is celebrating the 17th birthday on 27th September 2015. The theme of Google Doodle on 27th   September is the birthday celebration.
According to record the domain was officially registered on 15th September in the year 1997. Previously Google used to celebrate birthday on September 7th (The date of its first incorporation), till the year 2005. The date was changed to September 27th in the year 2005 when Google reaches a record number of indexing pages by its search engine.
       On its 16th birthday an animated doodle was posted. On that doodle six letters of Google represented six different characters. The first letter G was wearing birthday hat.

 google's 16 th birthday
On the 15th birthday an interactive version of Pinata, which is a popular birthday party game of Mexico was posted on its homepage.

 On its 14th birthday a chocolate cake doodle was posted on its homepage with 14 candles.

In the year 2011 a photograph is posted on Google doodle where there was a cake on the table.13 candles were lighted on the top of the cake. There were gifts and balloons around the table. Google logo sat surrounding the table wearing party hats.

But we become confused when we browse achieves of Google doodle. On its 4th birthday the doodle was on 27th September. But on its 5th birthday the Google doodle was on 8th September. On its 6th birthday it was September 7th. On its 7th birthday it was September 6. But from the 8th birthday onwards it seemed to us that Google settled its birthday on September 27.

                  First Google Doodle.  

            First Google Homepage.

Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Google.