Feminism- A conventional thinking

Feminism- A conventional thinking

The word feminism is no longer continuing with its real meaning and effect. It has more become conventional thinking than just a perspective. Most of the people who have just become a feminist because of the trend as according to them being a feminist is the symbol of being in a cultured society. Though the word holds that reputation. But most people are now using it as a weapon against men. They do not even want the real meaning of it to get into their minds.
The concept of feminism was basically encouraged so as to empower women so that they might get out of their homes as men do. Earlier when women were not treated as equal to men and also had no rights to do anything of their desires. Then there emerged the need for being a feminist. In the former period in the rural part of the country, women had no right to take their decisions, they were not given proper education, the daughters were abused and were married to any random person with a dowry. Despite the fact that the dowry amount is given to the groom, he still tries to suppress his wife. He wants more and more money to satisfy greed. Women were not secured that every time and it was the duty of the people in the nation to overcome this problem. Thus the feminism was supported so as to provide these women with their rights. It is not any trend to be followed but nothing can be said if people took it as a weapon to resolve their personal issues. Yet at the metropolitan cities, the condition of women was not so poor that they need feminism to stand by their side.
Moreover, the rape cases which are not yet under control endangers women. The threat of being raped haunts every girl in the country. She is not yet so safe. But to support and come out of this feminism is not needed but the right upbringing for the children and the new strict laws are needed. Feminism doesn’t make crime less. It is just a social perspective to respect women and provide them with equal rights.
Feminism was used as a weapon in many places. The #me to movement can be a very good example of this where actually some those people were punished and their dignity was endangered who had no involvement in that. Though feminism is a good concept to provide women of the country strength and their rights everything that leads to degradation should be stopped.
Feminism is becoming a misconception and also regarded as a new way to praise women against women. Feminism used to be a good concept in the places where women were treated badly and they needed support. But in the places where women are given already equal importance then they are not supposed to be treated superior. Men are not to be felt inferior. In many parts of the country, there used to be women in great threat and were treated so inferior to men. This is still a problem in many places. And to provide encouragement and empowerment of those women the feminism was promoted. But it has now converted into a standard and because of this men are suffering in many fields. The feminism was to provide women with equal rights. And all those who support feminism at stake of treating men inferior are basically the social misfits. The need of society is to be understood correctly not on the basis of gender. To stop gender biasing there was the concept of feminism and now if it continued then we will surely be wanting a standard to support men too. This will make no end to gender inequality.

Defeat your depression

Defeat your depression

The word stress used to a purely engineering and technology-based term. It actually signified how much force, pressure or tensile stress can any object could bear without losing its real identity. But as time goes it has become now more a medical term than the engineering one. It refers to the effects on the human body of the other things in the surrounding such as work pressure, weather, heat, noise, pollution, traffic, financial problems, jobs, interviews , presentations, demands for one’s time and attention, disagreements, loss of loved ones, in combination with psychological problems like defeatist,negative and irrational thinking. These problems are the day to day occurrences in general human life. It ultimately results to many other scenarios like deep-seated anxiety, tension and depression on the psychological front and frequent cold, flu, viral and bacterial infections, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and the onset of cardiovascular disease on the physiological front. The problems described here are so acute that according to the data two third of the working days are lost either directly or indirectly because of the stress that builds inside a person. The pressure of work at places and also the demands to achieve ever and ever tougher goals has burdened every individual to the level that any average office-goer works three times as hard for only twice the pay that used to be given twenty years back. An example may be the coming generation, our children. They are struggling hard. The weight and the number of books they carry with them to school today are almost five times what children used to carry decades ago. This is really shocking to come across that psychiatrists have lately begun to notice the symptoms of depression in these children too. And again it is indeed really sad to know that even unborn babies in the womb of pregnant and depressed women are born with initial symptoms of depression too.
Today is the age which is not of the space shuttle but of great stress. The stress that is getting spread is not any bacterial, viral or physical at its root but it is based on the societal and psychical issues. These issues not only leads to the depression of any individual but makes other people in the family or surrounding depressed ones. Moreover, small children, they are in the race to follow the trend. Following the trend of being cool, they adopt bad habits and rehabilitation is also not their cup of tea. Thus for them, it ultimately leads to depression and they are not able to cope up with it even. Most of the infections like high blood pressure and arterial blockages are symptomatic. This cannot be overstressed too. The stress has developed out of irrational and rush for material pleasures and success with millions of people ending their race without the true gold but with the Fool’s Gold. But actually, the concept is the driving force of ignorance is ignorance itself. There is not a single reason enough to justify the cause of depression so far. There are many interconnected causes leading to depression. Above all is the materialistic wants and desires. Every person in the race of achieving something forgets his inner self and by the time he realizes the actual need the time has already passed on. There is a great difference between a human’s need and greed. What actually we want to survive happily is the need and the desires for the materialistic things is our greed. Greed is a feeling that can never be satisfied. But we in the long run of satisfying our inner greed keep on running and loses our health and psychological imbalance too.
Those people who are so rich they are also a part of the depressed percentage of people. They are also not happy though they have all those materialistic possessions where they lack is their inner peace. They have unlimited wealth, fame and status etc. They are also adored by millions of people across the world. Yet they throw away their own lives. The fact lies here that until you love yourself, approve of yourself, endorse and also affirm yourself, no money, wealth or material can lift you out of that phase of depression. Learn to love yourself for what you are and to the place wherever you belong you owe that place as you have earned it. Understanding this truth and loving it and also living it is the royal road to uprooting depression and averting down its all the consequences.

Fall down seven gets up Eight

Adapting Japanese proverb “Fall down seven gets up Eight” to life:
There are questions that almost every one of us has asked once or even more than this “How to leave the laziness”
Well, to put forward here laziness is not just a word it’s more than a feeling that is there to stay with you until you make some affords to get rid of it. Nobody will be able to tell you how to move forward in life and the exact way to earn your life’s success story it is you who should be the one learning it in life and making efforts in the way. Let us justify this by an example:
There was a man from India who went to the UAE in hope of working hard and earning money. He was able to qualify for the job and he reached the airport where he was supposed to be picked up by his company’s co-worker but instead of his co-worker picking him up he was picked up by some other person who worked for a different agency. Before he could realize this he was dropped into the desert where he was asked to work as a camel caretaker. There was a man who was already working at the place and he taught him everything about taking care and feeding stuff.
Every day once people will come to collect the milk and they would bring the workers a can of water (they were given only one can for a day meaning they couldn’t take bath). He tried many times to tell them he is not the guy who was supposed to be working here but everyone ignored as they wanted a caretaker.
One day he tried to escape but was soon caught by his boss who then kicked him until he coughed blood this incident made him lose every bit of his hope and he continued to work as a caretaker.
Days passed and each day he would cry to sleep losing his hopes. Then this one day his fellow worker passed away due to dehydration but nobody came to take away his body. He would sleep with sheep and camel along with the body of his fellow worker.
He noticed that people would come from the north direction every time and one day when the people came to deliver the water and food he waited for them to go a little far from his place of stay. He started to run in the same direction and at a point, he saw someone coming from the same direction in order to not get caught again he walked in other direction that made him lose his way.
He was in the middle of dessert with no hope left in him but he gathered all that he had and walked for some while until he heard the noise of a vehicle. Somehow he managed to reach the road and was rescued by some people. Later he reached back home he could have left all the hopes and lived at that same place probably would have died at the same place but he fought against everything that was stopping him and reached his home.

Reasons behind: Why You Should Include More Almonds In Your Life!

Reasons behind Why You Should Include More Almonds In Your Life

As we all have heard about the name almond (badam), mostly many people take a minimal amount of almond and soak it overnight after that they eat this with a glass of milk. Have you ever wonder why most the people take almond? So in this article, I will provide you various usefulness of almond.
Most of the people only knew about one of its benefits that it develops your brain and gives you strength. But it has so many other benefits that you are not aware yet they are:-

  1. Natural antioxidants:-
    Almonds help you to release out toxins and restock lost nutrients. It is vital for cell growth and repair. This is done naturally by the body. Almonds contain vitamin- E that prevent tissues from oxidative damage. So when you take at least one spoon of almond butter it could provide you up to 30% of your daily vitamin D requirement.
  2. Energy boosters:-
    Almonds also helpful for athletes and gym freaks, because they need extra protein in their diet. They mostly consume supplements and nutritional drinks before and after workouts. Almond milk is a rich source of protein and help in muscle building. When you substitute this with regular milk you will get a satisfying result.
  3. Cholesterol maintenance:-
    There are so many people who are suffering from high cholesterol so if you are also suffering from it then almonds should be your first choice. If you consume almonds regularly it will enhance high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and reduce the low-density lipoproteins (LDL). It will helpful for maintaining a balance of your body.
  4. Keeps diabetes at bay:-
    Diabetes is being the main problem in today’s modern world, so if you are suffering from diabetes you should switch to almonds. Diabetes occurs when your sugar level rises up so almonds will be very helpful because it helps to regulate the absorption and processing of glucose. It will help to maintain the sugar level.
  5. Strengthen the immune system:-
    Almonds help to strengthen your immune system. There are so many food items that you consume affect your health like refined sugar, meat etc. then you must choose almonds as a health developer it has the ability to strengthen the immune system.
  6. Age-defying properties:-
    Almonds have special properties that it is very helpful in defying age. It is helpful in preventing age lines. You just need to apply almond oil and massage it regularly on your face. It will give you a fresh look and nourish your face. It regulates blood circulation and gives you a glowing effect.
  7. Hair growth and hair fall treatment:-
    Hair issues are being common among everyone. We use various shampoos and oils but still not get rid of the hair problem. When any person suffers from hair problems then this is the best remedy for you. It has vitamin A, D, B1, & B6 these all properties are found in single almond oil. Massage your scalp with almond oil you will get a visible effect.

Top wishes to write on Birthdays and Belated Birthdays

Top wishes to write on Birthdays and Belated Birthdays

Wishing people with our best wishes have always been a matter of great delight for all of us. Though we can be late but still wishing gives great joy. It can be any special days like birthday, anniversary or any day of personalized importance. Distance even does not matter if you bear an expression of love inside your heart. Following are the best ways to wish somebody on their birthday.
I have eagerly been waiting to be the first person to wish you, my love.
May this year ahead bring you lot many consciences and pleasure. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Just cannot explain the favour that this day has ever done to me. This is more worth than anything for me. This is because I have got the most precious gift on the day and that is you. Stay blessed and Happy Birthday.

I feel regretful for not being able to see on such a special day but sending you my regards will always be my duty. With all great love, I wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear.
I was uninformative regarding your birthday because we did not hear from each other for many years. But to initiate the bond nothing can be better than a birthday wish. Thus wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dear.

I understand the feeling of hatred that once developed in our minds for each other but surely that can never prove as resistance to my wish for you. On the day of your birthday, I wish a very happy and delightful birthday.

I am conceited so far to regard you as my friend. Providing you my best wishes makes be obliged. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a great year ahead.

After great efforts, I just found you on the social network and then finally on the day of your birthday I am able to wish you a very Happy Birthday dear.

I am displeased regarding not being there with you on the day but will meet you soon my love. Distance cannot diminish the friendship we share and connect. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear.

Though we love to wish people on time and before any other person. But sometimes unknowingly things just slip out of our minds and we forget to wish. Then wishing late make us think that we must be judged onto that. Thus we do not wish anybody late. Here below are some personalized quotes which can surely be used as a justification depending upon your case.
With an avalanche of apologies and regret for failing in wishing you on the day. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
I understand you must be under resentment as I did not send you my wishes on time. However late but I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Though I got late I have seen the happiness on your face in the pictures and you were looking your best in that. With great love and delight, I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
Since I do not owe any more importance in your life because of whatever occurred.
But you will always a special place in my heart and thus I wish you all the success and a very Happy belated Birthday.
Many new people have entered into your life. And most importantly you are always cheerful with them. So just continue being that and I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
We people have become so occupied with the schedule that we have failing to even exchange words and that just made your birthday slip out of mind. Thus I am wishing you belated Happy Birthday Dear.
Though at times we fight, we hate but deep inside the heart we both know how much we both care for each other but I don’t know how come I got late on wishing you the day. Wish you a very happy belated birthday.
Resisted myself a lot for not wishing you the day but now I cannot make self so strong thus with all my feelings I convey you my love and wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday.

The above messages can be sent as a wish to rejoice the bond and people will also not be offended much for not being wished. Whatever be the situation but sending people with best wishes remains one of the best graceful task ever. This not only let other people special but also gives you pleasure and also a soul satisfaction to you.

New Year Wishes and Messages

New Year Wishes and Messages

Are you confused in writing new year wishes? Here are some personal messages depending upon the situations one can face.
The new year has arrived and it brings a lot of consciences and new hopes to the heart and lives of people. People wish their loved ones with relatable messages and express their gratitude to them. New year wishes can re-join the bonds among the people which they shared in the past. To the people who are not together but are at distance and cannot elaborate the upcoming of new year then they can surely express and convey the emotions through the personal wishes depicting the bond and the time they had once being together. Festive season brings all optimism and prosperity into the minds of the people. Beginning of the new year should be marked with great enthusiasm and encouragement.
• For the people who are together would surely be thanking the people they love and for this, they can add quotes like
“To each day of the year that passed, you have always been by my side and I didn’t even get time to express the joy that I felt. Thus today to mark the beginning of the new year I want to thank you and would also feel obliged if you be again the part of my upcoming life”.
“ Just because we never had time to state those words that are worth expressing as we were so occupied in cherishing those moments. This year I want you again with the same intensity of love and desire coz
I love you to the moon and back.”
“With the new year ahead I am imagining you again by my side with all the same emotions, thoughts and love.”
• For those people who are at long distance relationship and are not together for the time then the quotes may be like
“ Though we didn’t meet so frequently and also do not share many memories together with the love and emotions among us is inseparable and to believe in that love I wish you a great and prosperous new year ahead”.
“ I adore you, I trust you, I wish you all the success as a new year and the new beginning is ahead of us. I thank you for all the precious conversation, lovable messages and every beautiful moment that we shared together.”
• For those who want to give up a new start and rejoice the bond that they lost last year. They can also personalize the messages like
“ The mishappenings, misunderstandings, misconceptions that we have between us can mislead our new upcoming year thus keeping all this aside let us start the year with all the worthy love and deserving wishes. Let us adore the path that we traveled together and I want to adore the beautiful beginning with these messages of forgiveness to you.
Wishing us a very great Happy New Year.”
“ To all those people who have made my 2018 a better one and if I have hurt you anyway unknowingly. I want to apologize and give a new start and a new beginning with you all again supporting me. Happy New Year.”
• If the wish is for your family, your parents then obviously there are no words to describe love. But still, the messages can be used as
“The words that I am using to describe the love are so meager and unworthy. This is because the love, the sacrifices that you have always been making for me are not easy to thank. But still as a token of gratitude I am wishing you a very Happy New Year with all my heart.”

These quotes can adorn the day and your new year wishes and would make your person feel that you are at no distance from them neither physically nor emotionally. To ameliorate the love and bonding between the people these quotes can behave as a catalyst.

7 Ways To Stay Calm And Composed At Your Workplace

7 Ways To Stay Calm And Composed At Your Workplace

Sometimes we try to “counting to 10” and “take deep breaths” and have some o conclusion that for some of us, but there is no use of these tricks. If you are also one of them, then you have visited the right place. You desperately want to learn how to control your temper at your workplace because it offers no reason when you flare up at your colleagues one day and have no one left to sit during the lunch hour. Here are some points which help you to calm down. We can’t promise anything but it still worth a shot.

1. Eat the right kind of food

You might be notice or not, but you may be angry because of the extremely stressed at work. So have some chocolates and ice-cream it will decrease the level of your stress. If you worried about the calories, snack on blueberries, oranges or green leafy vegetables and, it will suddenly switch your mood instantly.

2. Always remember that this is a fleeting feeling

At the heat of the moment, you may want to fight back, to lash out on whoever is the cause of all the anger you may be feeling. But at times like these, it is important to tell yourself that this is not going to be forever. Remind yourself that quarreling will only aggravate the situation and land you in a broader pool of mess.

3. Remember to be polite

When you are feeling fire upon someone, always remember that there is also possible to talk and clarify all the things, just by being polite. Being polite is the only way to be.

4. Engage in some form of exercise

When you are feeling angry at your workplace do some light stretching, a simple walk or some heavy duty exercise, whatever shots your workplace. Exercise releases endorphins which are also known as feel-good hormones. This is what you need when you are angry. So if you’re pissed, get out from your workplace just for a 5-minute walk.

5. Talk to someone you trust

Talking with someone you trust, it can help the nerves quite a lot. In your workplace, if you don’t have someone whom you can trust easily then call your friends. If they are busy so call your folks. Your folks never ignore your calls and need to vent.

6. Watch something funny

This is one of the most natural things you can do. Every office has access to an internet connection to make it use of it. Watch funny and shorts video because as you know laughter is the best way to decrease your stress level.

7. Accept that some things are beyond your control

Life becomes more comfortable when you accept that life will sometimes be fair and be unfair to you and you can’t do anything about it. Don’t stick to the negative thought and go with the flow. The more you cling to view which is not positive the more your life and your mood will get piss/off.

Tips to make your long-distance relationship successful

Tips to make your long-distance relationship successful

Really if you want to date a guy doesn’t live in your country and city? Or already you’re in a long distance relationship? Well, then you just heard from people say the worst things about long distance relationships. Stuff like ‘can the relationships will survive without seeing each other?’

There are a lot of ways so that you can make your relationship work and there are some of the best ones here:

  1. Video call is your savior: Communication is an easier way, and if you communicate with each other face-to-face, then it is the best way. It is not possible to do it every time, but make it a point to call each other on video rather than voice.
  2. Never assume anything till you talk to them: You can see random of the picture of them with a girl. Thousand of possible thoughts pop your head. Who is she? How does he know her? Take a deep breath and relax. If you do suspect something, then open communication is the best way to go.
  3. Do fun things together, like play online games together or watch a movie: Watch same movies or shows, read a similar book or play an online game together. You can’t meet every day but doing thing together will keep it interesting.
  4. Set your dates to meet each other: Set a date to meet with each other. It could be once in a month, but make it a point always to meet each other at any costs. And you can also countdown days, and you’ll feel super excited when the date is near to see them! It’s important to keep up to your words in a relationship. That’s just how it works.
  5. Plan to move into the same city in the future: You can’t be stuck in a long distance relationship all of your life, so make it a point and discuss with your partner. It could be one or two years from now, whatever feet your criteria and convenience, but talk about possibly making a move into the same city.
  6. Keep each other updated on everything that goes on: Tell him about your how’s your day, your work and everything that matters. Keep them update and make sure they update too.
  7. Don’t have too many physical expectations out of each other because well; you’re in a long distance: You aren’t in the same city. So you can’t physically be there for each other. Don’t except them all the time when you fall sick or through something emotional. They might be not being along with you even if they want to. You have to understand that. That’s a test itself too.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Take the mentioned five foods in a regular way and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

When beauty makes you attractive in front of your boyfriend and binds a passionate mind in you, then obviously, a good bunch of hair plays an important role. In recent scenario, most of the persons suffer from an insecurity for their hair as they think that their hair health is not up to the mark due to many reasons but it is obvious that if hair gets nutrient food in spite of having any hidden problem, then you can survive from hair problem and make you look beautiful in every occasion. Some names of food with proper nutrition are furnished below

The egg is one of the vital food with good nutrition that makes hair glossy and healthy. Actually, an egg holds biotin and protein which produces a vast amount of keratin. The basic thing is that the hair produces itself getting a good amount of food from keratin which is the main source of protein. In that regards, for glazy and healthy hair, you need to use egg for your damaged or undamaged hair once a week.
Spinach is another ingredient which has a bulk amount of iron. Actually, iron defiance is one of the causes of hair loss. The thing is that Spinach is one green vegetable which has much more beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, Vitamin A and C that strongly promote the hair with a healthy look. Vitamin A makes the skin enabled to grow more sebum that has the potentiality to make hair safe.
For good growth of hair, Omega 3 is very important and it provides a lot of food that contains full of nutrients for the hair. Fish is the best source which contains a vast amount of Omega 3. Basically, fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel that have much more nutrients just to make a good growth of hair. Moreover, Fatty fish contains a large amount of protein, selenium and vitamin B and D which are the best ingredients to promote strong and good looking hair.
Nut contains a bulk amount of nutrients like vitamin B, E, Zink, and fatty acid which work in together to promote hair growth and even all of that particular vitamins are linked potentially for the good health. Even, the deficiency of that kind of nutrients may make your hair loss surely.
Seeds are also an effective ingredient which really makes a good growth of your hair with shiny healthy looking. Like the nut, it has a large amount of vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acid that is really beneficial for good growth of hair. Even the seed has much importance on bodybuilding.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Weight Loss: Vitamin-C Rich Fruits to Cut Belly Fat

Weight Loss: Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that supplies antioxidants to the body and is essential for eye health as well. But for those looking to lose weight, this nutrient is of particular interest due to its role in the metabolization of fat molecules.
If you have a problem which is weight related and are looking to get fit, it’s vital that you eat healthily. But eating healthy is not just about lowering the no. of calories consumed. It is also important to lose weight healthily and sustainably and to get the right kind of nutrition. If you focus on adjusting the number of macronutrients consumed, it is one of the biggest mistakes of those looking to lose weight. People ordinary forget that there are some micronutrients like essentials vitamin and mineral can play a significant role in weight loss. One such micronutrient that can help you to lose weight is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin-C is one that leading nutrient which can help in boosting immune in the body.

Vitamin-C for Cutting Belly Fat and Weight Loss
Vitamin-C supplies antioxidants to the body which is essential for eye health. Vitamin-C is a water-soluble nutrient and those who are looking to lose weight; these nutrients play an important role in the metabolization of fat molecules. It is not at all wonder then that people who are deficient in Vitamin C or whose diet doesn’t involve optimal amounts of the vitamin have more fat accumulation around their bellies and larger waist circumference.

Best Sources of Vitamin C for Weight Loss

  1. Lemon
    Lemon is one of the perfect dietary sources of Vitamin-C, which assist to lose weight if you consumed in the early morning along with warm water and honey to target belly fat.
  2. Guava
    Guava is low in calories and high in fiber, and it is one of the most under-appreciated sources of vitamin C. Guava has a whopping 228.3mg of the nutrient present in a 100-gm portion of guava. Hence, it is absolutely perfect for weight loss.
  3. Orange
    Oranges are incredibly rich in vitamin C. At about the exact amount of vitamin C as lemons, oranges involve 53.2mg of the nutrient per 100-gm.
  4. Papaya
    Papayas is one of the best weight loss fruits out there because it is low in carbs and loaded with vitamin C – a 100-gm portion of papaya pulp contains 62mg of vitamin C, putting it up there among some of the best fruits to consume for loading up on vitamin C.