Most really big things start with a simple story. Everybody at some point in their lives has experienced failures. The failure could be of anything like not getting the dreamed jobs, not getting the marks in examinations, not getting the business going even after you have burned it all down and it may seem horrible and unfair. So the majority of the people give up easily after trying for a few times. But what defines the person is not their failure, but how they rise from there failures and fails again and rise again with the strong attitude of never give up.
Because to be the successful person it is going to take all of your hard work, strong determination, lost moments of true greatness, depression moments to test every bit of the personal soul. Due to this only the minority of the people come to the point after burning all the circumstances in their lives with a clear vision and the attitude of never give up.
Here are the 2 real-life personalities from all over the world who created history and turned major failures into big success. And surely going to motivate you on the days where you have given up the hope.

    Chapter 1: Early life-passion of machinery.
    Born in San Francisco California, the parents that were unable to care for him, Steve Jobs early life struggled for identity, he was an adopted child. One of the early visions of their adopted parents was an academic success for him. However, young Steve jobs were far away from being academics. His father was intelligent in mathematics but he was not interested in studies apart from the few selected subjects. Steve Jobs was much more interested in technological gadgets like phone and computers and messing around with the machinery with his close friend Steve Wozniak. His education has been expressed very publicly he only felt he could really learn after he had dropped out of the college.
    Chapter 2: The creation of one of the biggest tech company “APPLE”.
    In 1976 when jobs were just 21 years old he and his partner Steve Wozniak started Apple computer in there family garage. The initial success of the apple pushed Steve Jobs and Wozniak to create bigger and better computer and then they created apple greatest success ever with apple tool. Steve jobs soon become a millionaire.
    Chapter 3: Got FIRED from the company he founded.
    However, things turn against the jobs when he taught to expand apple further hiring a chief executive to lead Apple into a new direction. But after two years, Steve Jobs was fired from the company that he created. And has no clue what to do with his life but just in a year later he purchased Star Wars mastermind George Lucas and bleed money for 10 years until they created movie toy star and created a new company next, which later on purchased by Apple.
    Chapter 4: REHIRED to the company he founded.
    Which leads to bringing Steve Jobs back to the business, he created and beginning from the small position at Apple to taking the position of the CEO in no time. In the second period, he created many of the top devices from the IPad to iMac. Steve jobs lead apple much ahead from its previous milestone and became one of the biggest industry in the technological sector success.
    Chapter 5: passion and struggle in the right direction leading to success.
    There is not a single executive or innovator in the technology industry more important than Steve Jobs. He is one of the daring CEO of all time. A global icon, who has shacked the rules of technology and media. His products are adored by millions of people today. Truly, Steve Jobs is a real-life motivational and inspirational icon, who never give up and just believe in his desire.
    A Name that has marked his presence in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of chicken lovers doesn’t need any introduction. Well, even you don’t have the love for chicken the inspirational story of colonel sanders will beg you to know more about it. This story is about a man who is an excellent example of persistence, commitment, and determination.
    Chapter 1: Early life full of struggle and no clue what to do.
    Harland Sanders was born in the small town of Indiana in the year 1890. At the age of 5, Sanders lost his father. Due to the bad financial condition of his family, his mother joined a factory, so he used to take care of his brother and sister. But at the age of 12 his mother remarried, so he took the responsibility on his shoulder and left home to find the job for his poverty family. Sanders soon realize he would rather work all day then go to school. So he dropped out at the 7th grade. Later he started working at the various places as a conductor in street cars to the job of painting horse cars. After some years he joined as a fireman in the railways. Sanders spent his first part of life doing odd jobs.
    Chapter 2: Happy times doesn’t last long.
    In this period he married Josephine at the young age of 19. He had two children and living quite happily with his family. But due to the fight with his colleague he was fired from the railways. Due to this, his wife divorced with him and his children too started living with the mother. Again Sanders was alone, but he denied to give up and started doing the small business like selling tires of the cars. But he again failed, the however only skill that Sanders was possessing was cooking that his mother has taught him at the age of 7.
    Chapter 3: Finally something to cheer about.
    Finally, at the age of 39, he settled into a permanent job at the gas station in North Corbin. In his free time, he used to cook dishes his mother has taught him and served in his studio art which he converted into a small eatery. Soon people started coming to his place and get famous in the towns and the government of Kentucky was so impressed by his chicken recipe so he gave him titled colonel. So his name became colonel Harland Sanders. With all the savings that he had Sanders bought a larger place nearby to accommodate ever increase in the customers, he increased the dishes and includes the legendary fried chicken recipe for the first time in 1936. Later he started traveling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for the restaurant owner.
    Chapter 4: Hard work and strong Determination leads to success.
    However, Sanders recipe of crispy and fried chicken was rejected 1009 times. But Sanders never gave up, he knows his recipe was one of the unique. After some time he met a businessman who had interested in his unique recipe. From that time he never looked back and a company ‘KFC’ ( KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN) was started. He is really a real-life inspirational example.

Sometimes things just never go the way they should, sometimes we find ourselves in the most difficult situations, lost and confused in the dark place and sometimes you questioned with the things will it get better but as we all board of the train one should be sure of where they are headed and just have to trust in oneself that by the end of the journey you would have made it to the destination.