Are religious people social misfits?

There is a common belief among materialistic people that religious people are a social misfit. The people who are religious are unsocial, dogmatic and also lacking in intellectual insight. This is because they refuse to drink or smoke, prays before eating and also gets frowned at the free mixing of the two sexes and is superstitious, impractical and way behind the times. The way he behaves is quite different from the other social and materialistic people.
There is a common culture of mistreating and sometimes disrespecting such religious people because their ethics and values are out of the comprehension of the commons. It needs a lot many senses to behave and understand the depth of any religion. If for an instance any religious person achieves a prominent position somewhere then he is regarded as an abnormal and nuisance to those around him because he refuses to take bribes. In schools and colleges too if somebody used to wear any conspicuous religious marks on the forehead then the classmates used to take pride in insulting them. For them, these people are meant to be degraded. Sometimes this even leads to physical attacks too. Sadly occasionally, a religious person takes on the act of violence himself. Based on all the above cases whether the religious person stays quiet or speaks his heart out and sometimes taken as a social misfit.
However, the role of any religious person is not at all easy. He has to find paths which allow him to follow his beliefs in an environment who is constantly trying to degrade him. The mundane person in comparison is a social chameleon who incessantly changes his color to match his surroundings. In a second, he can turn from capitalist into a communist, friend into foe, Jekyll into Hyde.
Actually, the religious person somewhere knows that eventually, the whole world will start to think in the way he does. So he doesn’t lose his rigidity over the concepts. And also these people are really very positive from the inside. Their values make them refuse for many irrelevant kinds of stuff and this makes them stay secure and happy. All they do is they try to live their life for others. Whenever they love somebody they do it with all their effort. They never betray any person because for them loyalty also is the part of their character and many more things are good about valuable people. All those people who all wrong things like drinking, smoking etc for just setting themselves according to the social illusions of being cool. Speaking loud, speaking foul languages, drinking, smoking are the parameters for judging them cool. And for them, all those people who behave as religious are fools and are greater than their age. They are old by their thinking. But actually, the fact is not thus at all. These people see and live their life differently and ideally as well.
Let’s take instances of people who do meditation on their daily basis are the happier ones. They do it to make their mind and stealthily. And since most of the youth don’t care, they behave carefreely and indulged into smoking and drinking. Thus make them depressed and it becomes difficult for them to come out of it. And once they are cured they realize the value of all these religious things. The religious things are not every time illogical but of course are scientifically proven facts. Our routine and thinking seriously build us up in many ways.
The ever-expanding spectrum of human activities today is dazzling and impressive on one hand, and fragile and volatile on the other. A lopsided vertical growth leaves the individual with growing challenges, conflicts fears, miseries, doubts, and dissatisfactions.
But there are solutions and answers. They lie in our efforts to remove the sharp edges or lapses in our personal habits, social dealings, characters, and spiritual faith. Perspectives present a variety of issues and facts about life in an innovative style emphasizing horizontal growth. The humor, logic, and message in perspectives make reading delightful and empowering. It guides and also enlightens us on habits related to diet, time, environment, peace, culture, religion, happiness and other more areas of life. Perfection can never be achieved because it is just a perspective but this really makes our life either difficult or easy. The world is so beautiful to live in. Then why to differentiate people based on their thinking and religion. These all things are not worth. Every moment of life should be enjoyed and lived with a full heart.