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Alexander the Great-Last Words (The famous inspirational story)

Alexander the Great-Last Words

(The famous inspirational story)

After conquering many kingdoms Alexander, the great Macedonian king was returning home. On his way the great commander fell ill which led him to his death bed. He realized that his captured kingdoms, strong army, sharp weapons, wealth and treasures were useless to him now. His only desire is now to reach home and see his beloved mother’s face for the last time. But he felt he would not be able to reach his far away motherland. The mighty conqueror was on his death bed waiting to breathe his last. He summoned his generals and expressed his three ultimate wishes.

1.His coffin must be carried by the best doctors after his death.

2. Along the way to his procession to the cemetery silver, gold, diamond and precious jewels should be scattered.

3.Both of his hands should be let open hanging from the coffin for everybody to see.

One of his officers, who was very much surprised about his strange wishes asked the great king about the reason for his unusual wishes.

The Great King explained:

1.I wish that my coffin should be carried by the best doctors. By this I want to show everybody that when death comes no doctor in the world have the power to heal you.

2. By my second wish of scattering silver, gold, diamond and other valuable jewels on the way to the graveyard I wish to show everybody that the material treasures you accumulate will remain in the earth. You cannot carry ever a fraction of gold with you.

3. I wish my both hands to swing open outside the coffin to show the people that we come to this world empty handed and we must leave empty handed from this world.

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