A Secret to Happiness

It has always been a dominating world in which we live. Earlier it used to be a male dominating world where women were treated pathetically and now as we see the growing society around us, so we realize that now it is the world of rich people. Today mediocrity or lower class people are not that respected and recognized as the rich ones are. It is the world of materialistic things today and in fact, every individual is crazy about materialistic possessions. Rolls-Royce cars, custom built yachts, five-star hotels mansions, private jets, exquisite jewelry, glamour, style, panache etc. Oh, how these wealthy barons and beneficiaries must roll in ecstasy! What heights of fulfillment and satisfaction they must have attained?
Ecstasy can be achieved for seconds but fulfillment and satisfaction can never come so easy. And obviously, the moments of self -worship and grandiosity can never consist of real happiness or anything even a bit close to it. Or it is a hoax- a deception-like the gold millions of infatuated people collected in South Africa, in the 1900s? The gold they wanted to achieve ultimately turned out to be a fool’s gold.
It has become a common notion that if a person is financially poorer then he is definitely psychologically poorer. That’s not actually the real case is. It is really arrogant to think like that. You can never judge the potential of a person based on the amount of money he or she earns. Though intelligence is somewhere directly proportional to the income of any person. But still, they are not totally dependent on each other. Poverty is not much an economic condition than the mental one. Riches are more to do with appreciating fully what one already possesses and that which is irreplaceable. Suppose if we take an example if in case our house catches fire then instead of collecting certain things like family photographs, some special gifts etc. we will go for saving money. Despite knowing the fact that those photographs can never be cherished again even if we use any money amount. We have become so a practical person that we have stopped caring for emotions. Real opulence can never be empty though it is fully carved of gold. True riches obviously consists of a cradle with a baby bouncing who is set to change the world even if it lies the wooden one. Obviously, love is the hallway or mark of happiness. Not clothes, not cars, not 5-star hotels nor anything else money can buy. Just love. Nothing more, nothing less. Love says it all, does it all, fits it all. The heart, minds, and soul all things are filled up because of love. Happiness doesn’t come only to the reach people but it comes to all those who know how to extract the real happiness in its true sense. It is the only thing that has been reserved equally for all by God. The number of friends or acquaintances you have is of little account. What actually matters is their quality. Even if you have one a person one can be oneself with, a person one can really trust with his secrets is more than enough.
In the final analysis, it has been found that people with more and more wealth are also not happy. They are wanting to be loved and gain a real kind of happiness. They have all the money and have taken a long route to it. But eventually, they want to love. Their stardom itself isolates them from the very people they once dreamed of being intimate with. They live in continuous fear and anxiety and always try to flee from their fans. The gates of heaven open up to hell!! Performing has become their lifeblood, for they know no other way of being loved. They feel unloved unless they keep proving it and again reproving it, not to the audience but to themselves by demonstrating before a large crowd their lovableness! Overblown riches or fame usually become an obstruction to the experience of love. The sight of material opulence seduces the unwitting, star-struck adolescent to the false philosophy that an increase in the quantity of wealth, possessions, acquaintances and fans means a corresponding in the happiness. Thus the generation needs to understand that the happiness that we are trying to seek from materialistic things is temporary and is of no further use. Actually, our most important possession is the feeling of love and care which we gain and we shed onto others.