A merry cobbler passed his time, mending boots and singing songs, from morning till evening. At night he would go to bed and sleep soundly. He would get up early in the morning and begin to work. He was very poor. He had nothing that a thief would want to take. So he did not lock his door at night.

Just near the cobbler’s hut there lived a rich merchant. He was kind and generous. He locked and bolted his doors to keep his wealth safe. He could not sing merrily like the cobbler.

One day the merchant came to the cobbler and said, “I see you are very happy. How much do you earn a year?”

“How much a year sir?” replied the cobbler, laughing, “I don’t know what I  earn a year. Each day I get my meal, and I am very happy. “

“O, I see you live from hand to mouth. I wish to remove your want. Take these two hundred rupees. Keep them carefully and use them in time of need.”

The poor cobbler had it in an earthen pot, covered it and kept it in a hole.

That night he closed his door with care. He could not sleep soundly as before. He thought that someone might take away his money. So he lay awake almost all night. There was no more singing. He could think of nothing but his large sum of money.

This anxiety went on for several days. When he could not bear it any longer, he took the money and ran to the merchant. “Please give me back my sound sleep and my pleasant songs,” cried he, “and take back the money you so kindly gave me.”

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