Dates give relief in various problems along with constipation

Dates give relief in various problems along with constipation

According to our traditional folklore, dates are beneficial food ingredient that makes our physical organ active to do work without any disturbance. It contains a large quantity of vitamin, minerals, calcium, and iron. As a result of that, the regular intake of Dates makes you healthy with much more energy and freshness either in your physical work or rest in your bed.
Nowadays, due to the change in lifestyle, man has to change the food habits in a day to day life. As a result of that, most of the time, man has to suffer from a stomach problem with a strong irritation. Sometimes, chronic pain in the stomach makes the man suffered for a long time. In that regards, dates surely give that chronic patient a lifelong relief if he takes a piece of dates in a ceaseless way as dates contain a good amount of fiber which makes stomach healthy with a good outlet every day.
Overweight in body structure becomes normal with a regular intake of two-piece dates as the date reduces your appetite. As a result of that, fat burning begins to keep up body energy at a standard level from day to day. With your slim figure, you feel easy and flexible at your movement and will get much more energy to do a lot of work in everyday life.

Blue Tea: This Herbal Tea That May Help In Weight Loss

Blue Tea This Herbal Tea That May Help In Weight Loss

Nowadays there are lots of people who take herbal teas, as a good no. of people get to know about the side effects of regular tea and coffee. A number of herbal teas across the world make their mark on tea lovers, mainly those teas made from flowers such as chamomile and blue pea. While chamomile is properly known as for its mild and soothing flavor which acts as a stress buster, tea made from blue pea is not that well known. Dried blue pea flowers yield a brew that is stunning in color, and that can be enjoyed cold or hot. Blue teas are made from blue pea flower which has some health benefits. Blue tea evenly used for weight loss, other than its antioxidant properties and also it can fight with stress.

Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Blue Tea
Blue tea contains catechins, which are very helpful in burning belly fat and aiding weight loss. The best practical way to rev up the metabolism is to drink butterfly-pea flowers seeped in warm water, which helps to make the body burn more calories. Here are some more benefits of blue tea, before trying it you may want to know:

  1. This tea is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a perfect beverage to involve in your detox diet. Antioxidants will protect your body from free radical action.
  2. Blue tea is said to be great for the skin, due to its claimed anti-glycation effects, which fights against skin aging.
  3. Blue tea is said to be perfect for your skin, due to its claimed anti-glycation effects, which fight against skin aging. The flavonoids present in blue tea might also stimulate collagen production.
  4. The earthy flavor of butterfly-pea flower tea is said to be a mood enhancer. The tea is supposed to have stress-busting effects that might even assist reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  5. Blue tea is supposed to help in losing water weight as it is a natural diuretic drink.
  6. Blue tea is also said to have a role in regulating blood sugar levels, although there is not much scientific evidence to suggest that it is helpful in managing diabetes.

Many people have claimed that blue tea also helpful in managing fatty liver diseases and reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood, but no research proves about the same. Blue tea is an excellent alternative for caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea, and you may consume it as such, to reduce your caffeine intake. Now the drink is available for purchase in some supermarkets and on online websites.

Tips to make your long-distance relationship successful

Tips to make your long-distance relationship successful

Really if you want to date a guy doesn’t live in your country and city? Or already you’re in a long distance relationship? Well, then you just heard from people say the worst things about long distance relationships. Stuff like ‘can the relationships will survive without seeing each other?’

There are a lot of ways so that you can make your relationship work and there are some of the best ones here:

  1. Video call is your savior: Communication is an easier way, and if you communicate with each other face-to-face, then it is the best way. It is not possible to do it every time, but make it a point to call each other on video rather than voice.
  2. Never assume anything till you talk to them: You can see random of the picture of them with a girl. Thousand of possible thoughts pop your head. Who is she? How does he know her? Take a deep breath and relax. If you do suspect something, then open communication is the best way to go.
  3. Do fun things together, like play online games together or watch a movie: Watch same movies or shows, read a similar book or play an online game together. You can’t meet every day but doing thing together will keep it interesting.
  4. Set your dates to meet each other: Set a date to meet with each other. It could be once in a month, but make it a point always to meet each other at any costs. And you can also countdown days, and you’ll feel super excited when the date is near to see them! It’s important to keep up to your words in a relationship. That’s just how it works.
  5. Plan to move into the same city in the future: You can’t be stuck in a long distance relationship all of your life, so make it a point and discuss with your partner. It could be one or two years from now, whatever feet your criteria and convenience, but talk about possibly making a move into the same city.
  6. Keep each other updated on everything that goes on: Tell him about your how’s your day, your work and everything that matters. Keep them update and make sure they update too.
  7. Don’t have too many physical expectations out of each other because well; you’re in a long distance: You aren’t in the same city. So you can’t physically be there for each other. Don’t except them all the time when you fall sick or through something emotional. They might be not being along with you even if they want to. You have to understand that. That’s a test itself too.

Seven Sister Of India…..

Seven Sister Of India…

The seven sister states of India is also known as “Paradise Unexplored” a name given to neighboring states of northeastern India. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura in northeastern India. These states cover an area of about 250,000-kilometer square or about seven percent of India’s total area and had a population of 38.6 million in 2000. There is a good ethnic and religious diversity within the seven states, and they also have similarities in political, social and economic contexts. The states share international borders with many countries. Arunachal Pradesh shares an international border with Myanmar in the east, with China in the north and with Bhutan in the west. The states attract young travelers and explorers from all over the world with different tribal, and ethnic groups, religions, festivals, and fabulous landscapes.

Seven Sisters Of India And their Capitals

States. Capitals
Arunachal Pradesh. Itanagar
Assam. Dispur
Manipur. Imphal
Meghalaya. Shillong
Mizoram. Aizawl
Nagaland. Kohima
Tripura. Agartala

History of the Seven Sister Of India

The history of the Seven sisters Of India is very interesting and deep-rooted. After independence(1947) there were only three states which covered the area. Assam was a huge state and then its capital was Shillong(Current day Meghalaya’s capital) and Manipur and Tripura were princely states. The rest of 4 states were formed after independence. Nagaland in 1963, Meghalaya in 1972, and Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh in 1987.

Interesting Facts About The Seven Sisters Of India

• The seven sisters of India have international boundaries(Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, and Bhutan).
• Tawang Monastery of Arunachal Pradesh is the largest monetary in India.
• Loktak Lake, in Manipur, is India’s largest freshwater lake.
• Mawlynnong village if Meghalaya is the cleanest village of Asia.
• Mawsynram claims to have the highest rainfall on earth.
• India’s oldest oil refinery in Digboi, Assam.
• Ahom Dynasty of northeast India is the biggest undivided dynasty in India, ruled by the Ahom Kingdom for nearly 600 years.

Festivals Celebrated In Seven Sister states Of India

The Seven Sisters of India have an affluent and captivating tribal history. All these states are domiciled on different native, rituals and festivals practiced by tribal communities for over many years. So have a look at some of the most popular festivals of these states.

              Bihu- Assam

It is the one legendary harvest festival of India. The festival is celebrated in Assam three times in a year. Magh Bihu is celebrated in January, Rangoli Bihu is celebrated in April, and Kati Bihu is celebrated in October. On these festivals, all women wear colorful mekhlas- the traditional dress of Assam and dance on the tunes of drums while menfolk play drums and sing together.

Moatsu Festival Nagaland

It is one of the significant and famous festivals of India. The festival is celebrated by Ao Naga Tribe. The major reason behind celebrating this festival is to urge God’s blessings and provide entertainment to the tribe after buzzing activities like sowing seeds, clearing the wells, repairing their houses.

Ziro Music Festival- Arunachal Pradesh

This festival is heaven for music freaks and culture enthusiasts. The festival is a 4-day long music carnival celebrated in ziro region of Arunachal Pradesh. On this festival stalwart from different corners of the world perform, here you get to listen to music maestro’s like sulk station, sky rabbit as well as new musicians.

        Chiraoba- Manipur

It is one of the major festivals of seven sisters of India. This festival is celebrated in the month of April. On this festival, local Peoples of Manipur clean their houses, wear new clothes, exchange greetings and sweets on the occasion of the new year.

Chapchar Kut- Mizoram

This festival is about to showcase the harvest, and drying up the process of bamboo shoots. The festival is celebrated by local peoples of Mizoram. This is the most significant festivals in March celebrated by the people of Mizoram.

Ashokastami Festival- Tripura

This is one of the most popular festivals in Tripura. The festival is celebrated with immense glory and devotion. On this festival, local people worship their god and goddesses and take a holy dip in the consecrated river of the Astami Kunda. The festival is celebrated by the people of Tripura in the month of March or April.

Ka Pomblang Nongkrem- Meghalaya

This festival is also known as shad nonhkrem. It is one of the liveliest festivals in November in India. In this festival native tribes of Meghalaya show respect to goddesses Ka Blei Synshar for a prosperous and good harvest.

Kanheri Caves: Mumbai

Kanheri Caves

If you are in Mumbai and want to wander the city then the Kanheri caves are the best place to visit. So now we will tell you everything about Kanheri Caves, more about the history of Kanheri Caves and how to reach Kanheri caves? The Kanheri Caves are one of the airiest places in Mumbai. It offers a pleasant break from the pollution and the noisy, metropolitan life, nestled in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali. These caves are also known as the “Lungs Of Mumbai” because it is the only place in Mumbai with the maximum amount of greenery and consequently, a lot of fresh air. They date back to the 1st century BC and are believed to be one of the oldest cave formations of the country. The caves are renowned for their natural basalt formation, ancient Indian styled architecture, and the 109 special entrances to the caves. The word Kanheri originates from the Sanskrit word ‘ Krishnagiri’ and Kanha- giri. The caves became a distinctive Buddhist institution for Congregational worship, study, and meditation. When one visits the Kanheri Caves, there is a lot to see for them, in terms of what the caves have to offer and even around the caves. There are around 40 unfinished paintings of Buddha within the caves. Apart from the paintings, you should also visit the ‘Vihara’( The Prayer Hall) and the different monasteries around the cave for a glimpse of former Buddhist occupation and life.

History of Kanheri Caves

Now take look about the history of Kanheri caves. The history of Kanheri caves is very interesting and ancient. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mumbai. Kanheri caves whose period of establishment dates back between 1st century BC and 11th century AD. It is one of the finest examples of the Indian rock-cut architecture. It is located in the heart of the beautiful green environs of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is at 10 km distance from Borivali station and 45 km from main Mumbai. These caves are the only symbol of Buddhism.

     The word Kanheri originates from a Sanskrit word “ Krishnagiri” which means “Black Mountain.” It is believed that the excavation of Kanheri Caves started by the Buddhist Monks of the Hinayana from the hills in the 1st century. Later on, followed by the Buddhist monks of the Mahayana. It is believed that some of the caves were used by the Buddhist monks of that time for their study, living, and meditation. They are also known as the viharas and contain a stone plinth for a bed.

  By 2nd century AD, the Buddhist monks carved out the famous Chaitya Griha( now cave number 3). They use this crave for congregational worship. It is huge enough to accommodate a large number of devotees. The chaitya griha has two huge statues of standing Buddha on each side of the entrance porch and was built in the form of a gigantic rectangular hall with 34 proportioned pillars and semi-circular roof. It contains shrine of Buddha called stupa. On the façade of this cave, different Buddhist sculptures can be seen which are beautifully carved out from the racks. They include a statue of Lord Buddha in different postures or mudras. The Avalokitesvara incarnation is the most distinctive statue among all the statues. 

How To Reach Kanheri Caves?

By Road:

The Kanheri Caves situated within Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in the heart of the city. At 10 kilometer walk from the station and you will reach the main gates of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. For Kanheri caves you will need to go through the same gate as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You can reach here by local transport like auto-rickshaws, taxis, and local buses. Once you reach the national park, you can either decide to trek to the Kanheri caves or opt for paid transport within the park.

         The entry point to the Kanheri Caves is about at 5 kilometers from the main gate. Private vehicles are also allowed but you need to pay extra for the vehicle. Tourists bus and cabs are also available. The entrance fee for Indians is 5 Rs and for foreigners 30 rs. And if someone is taking the camera special 25rs ticket is supposed to be taken.

By Rail:

The Borivali and Malad stations are the closest stations if you want to go to the Kanheri Caves. From these stations, you can reach Kanheri Caves by local transports. These caves are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mumbai. Apart from the caves, feel free to explore the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, but with permission from the local authorities. The caves offer tourists a perfect gateway and transport.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Take the mentioned five foods in a regular way and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

When beauty makes you attractive in front of your boyfriend and binds a passionate mind in you, then obviously, a good bunch of hair plays an important role. In recent scenario, most of the persons suffer from an insecurity for their hair as they think that their hair health is not up to the mark due to many reasons but it is obvious that if hair gets nutrient food in spite of having any hidden problem, then you can survive from hair problem and make you look beautiful in every occasion. Some names of food with proper nutrition are furnished below

The egg is one of the vital food with good nutrition that makes hair glossy and healthy. Actually, an egg holds biotin and protein which produces a vast amount of keratin. The basic thing is that the hair produces itself getting a good amount of food from keratin which is the main source of protein. In that regards, for glazy and healthy hair, you need to use egg for your damaged or undamaged hair once a week.
Spinach is another ingredient which has a bulk amount of iron. Actually, iron defiance is one of the causes of hair loss. The thing is that Spinach is one green vegetable which has much more beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, Vitamin A and C that strongly promote the hair with a healthy look. Vitamin A makes the skin enabled to grow more sebum that has the potentiality to make hair safe.
For good growth of hair, Omega 3 is very important and it provides a lot of food that contains full of nutrients for the hair. Fish is the best source which contains a vast amount of Omega 3. Basically, fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel that have much more nutrients just to make a good growth of hair. Moreover, Fatty fish contains a large amount of protein, selenium and vitamin B and D which are the best ingredients to promote strong and good looking hair.
Nut contains a bulk amount of nutrients like vitamin B, E, Zink, and fatty acid which work in together to promote hair growth and even all of that particular vitamins are linked potentially for the good health. Even, the deficiency of that kind of nutrients may make your hair loss surely.
Seeds are also an effective ingredient which really makes a good growth of your hair with shiny healthy looking. Like the nut, it has a large amount of vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acid that is really beneficial for good growth of hair. Even the seed has much importance on bodybuilding.

Healthy and Shiny hair comes with intake of nutrient foods.

Weight Loss: Vitamin-C Rich Fruits to Cut Belly Fat

Weight Loss: Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that supplies antioxidants to the body and is essential for eye health as well. But for those looking to lose weight, this nutrient is of particular interest due to its role in the metabolization of fat molecules.
If you have a problem which is weight related and are looking to get fit, it’s vital that you eat healthily. But eating healthy is not just about lowering the no. of calories consumed. It is also important to lose weight healthily and sustainably and to get the right kind of nutrition. If you focus on adjusting the number of macronutrients consumed, it is one of the biggest mistakes of those looking to lose weight. People ordinary forget that there are some micronutrients like essentials vitamin and mineral can play a significant role in weight loss. One such micronutrient that can help you to lose weight is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin-C is one that leading nutrient which can help in boosting immune in the body.

Vitamin-C for Cutting Belly Fat and Weight Loss
Vitamin-C supplies antioxidants to the body which is essential for eye health. Vitamin-C is a water-soluble nutrient and those who are looking to lose weight; these nutrients play an important role in the metabolization of fat molecules. It is not at all wonder then that people who are deficient in Vitamin C or whose diet doesn’t involve optimal amounts of the vitamin have more fat accumulation around their bellies and larger waist circumference.

Best Sources of Vitamin C for Weight Loss

  1. Lemon
    Lemon is one of the perfect dietary sources of Vitamin-C, which assist to lose weight if you consumed in the early morning along with warm water and honey to target belly fat.
  2. Guava
    Guava is low in calories and high in fiber, and it is one of the most under-appreciated sources of vitamin C. Guava has a whopping 228.3mg of the nutrient present in a 100-gm portion of guava. Hence, it is absolutely perfect for weight loss.
  3. Orange
    Oranges are incredibly rich in vitamin C. At about the exact amount of vitamin C as lemons, oranges involve 53.2mg of the nutrient per 100-gm.
  4. Papaya
    Papayas is one of the best weight loss fruits out there because it is low in carbs and loaded with vitamin C – a 100-gm portion of papaya pulp contains 62mg of vitamin C, putting it up there among some of the best fruits to consume for loading up on vitamin C.

Robotic Surgery- Advanced Alternative

Robotic surgery is a computer-assisted surgery as well as a robot-assisted surgery which is another advanced technology which makes efficient use of robotic systems to carry on the surgical procedures. This surgery is basically developed to overcome the limitations of pre-existing minimal surgical procedures and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery this means that instead of operating on patients through large instruments we use miniaturized instruments that fit through a series of quarter-inch instruments where surgery was performed with the world’s most advanced surgical robot. In this, the instruments are mounted on the arms of the robot which allows the surgeon for maximum motions and accuracy as well. The robot in the fourth arm contains a 3D camera that guides the surgeon of the whole procedure. The surgeon controls the operation from a console in the operating room. The doctor can operate the four arms of the robot using his fingers on the master line control while looking through a stereoscopic high definition monitor that is placed inside the patient. The ultimate effect is to offer the surgeon unprecedented control in a minimally invasive environment. Making a use of this advanced technology the surgeons are able to perform a growing number of complex urological, gynecological, cardiological and many more surgical procedures. Since these procedures are performed using small instruments thus patients are benefited more as compared to any opening surgery. The biggest advantage of this surgery lies in the fact that for executing the procedure the surgeon does not need to be present at the place but can perform through any place in the world leading to the greater probability of remote surgery.
In the case of enhanced open surgery, numerous instruments in familiar configurations replaced the traditional steel tools which were used for performing much smoother feedback – controlled motions by a human hand. The main objective of this lies in the fact that it reduces the traumatic tissue traditionally that is associated with open surgery without requiring more than few minutes training of any surgeon. This approach improves open surgeries like cardio-thoracic that are not efficiently conducted by minimally invasive techniques.
Many advances that are treated using surgical robots are remote surgery and unmanned surgery. Due to robotic use, the surgery is done with miniaturized instruments and accuracy, decreased blood loss and with less healing time as well. The articulation that is simply beyond the normal manipulation and also the 3D magnification helps improved ergonomics. Due to these improved methods, there is also a reduced duration of hospital stay, blood loss transfusions and the use of medication related to pain. The existing open surgery techniques have many flaws like limited access to the surgical area, long recovery time, long hours of operation, surgical scars and marks.
The robot cost is around $1,390,000 and its disposal supply cost is around $1500 per procedure. In addition to this surgical training is required to operate the system. Many surgeons report that though this provides a better alternative to open surgery but the training that they should be given before operating should be really intensive and should operate on at least 18 patients to adopt the technology in a proper way. But comparative to all other minimally invasive surgeries the robot-assisted surgeries are the best alternatives because it provides a better control of the surgeons on the instruments and a better view of the surgical site. Moreover, surgeons do not need to stand and tire quickly during the procedure. The patients when coming with an expectation of less blood loss, less pain then this serves a good purpose.
The critics of the system said that the procedure is not easily acceptable to all the surgeons around the world and needs intense learning before adapting into the method. It has also been criticized for its expense which is estimated costing 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars per patient.

Block Chain Technology- A Future Need and Revolution

The world is so much overburdened with the information today that it is becoming impossible to manage the stress of this overload. Though it is being stored regularly there is no justified reliability over the transfer and its accuracy. Without intermediaries, our world has become imaginable. The transactions that are done on regular basis and this reliability over the intermediaries facilitate them to flourish. This is also very ironical because as we diminish the intermediate barriers we will surely suffer from lack of veracity.
The blockchain is one of the terms that is now heard quite numerous times. It is a technology which does not require any central governing agency and is an open source having no data center. It is basically a distributed technology that connects across multiple systems together and stores information to enable peer to peer transactions in a secured manner based on reliable sources. Each data piece is named as a block while series of this data is known as blockchain. It is surely a digital ledger that will improve the network by demolishing the middle sources. This will change the scenario of the world. It is far improved invention than cryptocurrencies There are numerous of uses if this technology and the main motive if this lies in the ease of making payments and other transactions safely and generates a digital currency. Moreover, the blockchain can never be failed because the information is stored across multiple systems known as nodes. Many leading companies like Infosys are working with different banks to bring out the concept and let it rule the world. Because if this technology flourishes the way it has been vision it can cause miracles to happen in the field of networking. This will also help the commercial growth as it will cut the cross transaction charges.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
It is surely mistaken that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same things. As they are not same they are surely connected. Cryptocurrency is a part of blockchain but blockchain is not restricted only to cryptocurrencies It is a far big concept and has multiple uses and features which will improve the payment networks.
Besides cryptocurrencies, blockchain will prove helpful in various businesses across the world. New start-ups can raise funds for their businesses using initial coin offering technology in the blockchain. It is also a place called the stock market.
Secure payment option
There is a problem of privacy with the data and data leakage issues. Many times it has been noticed that many payment networks are hacked and money is lost just in seconds. To remove this problem blockchain will prove as a good alternative because no hacker in the world can hack this currency. This is so sure as the blockchain technology do not store any history of the transaction and since there is no central idea of data center thus the transaction we saved across thousands of computer around the world. Hence hacker will not get any particular hacking address for extracting the information. And for hacking the blockchain one at least require 50%of the database which is practically impossible.

Resolving problems and fast settlements
The banking process is time-consuming and takes around 2 days to settle up with the problem. However, using blockchain these problems can be resolved in no more than an hour. Thus it can surely improve the financial sector.

Commercial growth
Cross-border payment is something where most of the company lose their revenue in the form of paid fees.
Blockchain reduces the fees considerably by removing the intermediate parties. It can also benefit the civil court cases pertaining to land issues. It can be used for maintaining proper and uniform records thereby reducing the burden. The food supply chain can also be benefited as improved data sharing will improve the stockholders to clear their dues and consumers will get good quality food. It can be extended to various industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and telecom.
Though realistically this is so empowering it is not that easy to implement as the geeks are wanting. Because the public see the system very differently. Banks are prohibiting virtual currencies because they are confusing this with cryptocurrencies. This can really prove a harsh blow to this. It will bring a revolutionary change and will overtake the bitcoin technology. The fundamental uniqueness of this technology is that it is surely immutable because it shares a cloud with back account book which can only be accessed by a righteous person. The tedious can be easily avoided. All this needs a support from the government because it needs a great support from adopters to flourish. If given a chance this can surely reduce many data storing problems around the world.


A Summary is a short description That gives only the main points of something.


Read the passage repeatedly till you understand it fully and well.

[2] Underline the important points or ideas.

[3] Leave out all unnecessary details or points.

[4] Do not use big words or long sentences and quote.

[5] Do not change the order of the points.

[6] Avoid examples, comparisons, quotations, and expressions like I think, in my opinion.

[7] Use your own words as far as possible keeping all the important points.

[8] Reduce the passage to not more than half and not less than one-third of the original.

You must understand the author’s purpose in writing the passage. You must understand and select important points in the passage.


Bhagsbati Debi was a noble and kind lady. She loved to live with poor villagers. Once her son, Vidyasagar, saw her wearing an old, torn shawl. He was very unhappy. He bought a new shawl for her. Bhagabati Debi took the shawl from her son but did not use it. She put it in her box. Many people in the village had nothing to wear in winter. So Bhagabati did not wear the new shawl.

Bhagahati lived with the poor villagers. Her son Vidyasagar saw her wearing a torn shawl. He bought her a new shawl. But she did not use the new shawl as many villagers had nothing to wear in winter.

[2] There was a quarrel between the wind and the sun. The wind said, “You are not half as strong as I” The sun said, I am stronger than you.” Suddenly they saw a man coining down the road. The wind said, “The one of us who can make the man take off his coat will be the winner.” The sun said, “I’ll let you have the first chance.” The wind first tried his power. He blew an icy blast. But the more he blew the more did the man hold tight the coat around him. The wind had to give up trying any more. Now it was the turn of the sun. He began to shine down upon the man with all his might. The man felt too hot to hold the coat on his body. He was forced to take off his coat.
Hints to do the summary…

Read the text twice over and answer the following questions in your mind—
(l) Who quarreled?
(2) How did they quarrel?
(3) Who came there?
(4) What did they agree to?
(5) What did the wind do?
(6) What was the result?
(7) What did the sun do ?—

The answer will give you the summary.

Here is the answer…

There was a quarrel between the wind and the sun. Each claimed that he was stronger than the other. Then a man came by. It was decided that whichever of the two could take away the man’s coat would be held stronger. The wind blew hard but the man held the coat tighter. The sun shone and the man felt very hot and took off his coat.

Example 3.

The Terai forest is the usual home for large animals like elephants, tigers, gaurs and wild buffaloes. There are also deer, rhinoceros, pythons, and bears. Here the smallest animals are mountain goats, mountain sheep, wolves, and flying squirrels. Birds are plenty in the Terai and Bhabar regions. Most of them are singing birds like Shama, Drango, and Thrush. Game birds like Fowl and Partridge can also be seen. In the mountain region, birds have beautifully colored feathers, but they cannot sing as sweety as the Terai birds. In the plains, they are worms like Leeches. These are quite harmful to the farmers. The forest on the mountains breeds ticks. These are very small blood-sucking insects. These are also no less harmful to the people living over there.


Large animals like elephants, tiger, and buffaloes live in the Terai forest. Deer, bears, and rhinos also live in this area. The smallest animals like goats, sheep, and wolves are also available M this forest. Singing birds Shatna, thrush etc. and game birds like fowls and partridge are also found here. The birds of the mountains are beautiful but they cannot sing sweetly like the Tarai birds. In the plain, there live leeches and ticks. They are harmful to the people living over there. [4] Little Rabi lived in a nursery. It was near the servants’ quarter. In .1′ recited the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The children kept quiet and listened to them. They almost knew these great epics by heart. children saw their mothers at bedtime or only when they were ill. They used to give the children very little food. The children could not say seldom saw their fathers. The servants usually looked after them. They anything to their parents. The servants, however, told them stories and sit at a window. Then he would draw a line around him with a chalk, roll those days boys of most of the rich families lived in this manner. The Very often Rabi’s servant would give him some food and make him his eyes and say, “Now look, young Master, stay inside this line and you’ll be safe. You know the story of Sita. Lakshmana drew a line, but she stepped over it. You know what happened then. The horrible demon got there.”


Little Rabi lived in a nursery, It was near the servant’s quarters. In those days boys of most of the rich families lived in this manner. The children saw their mothers at bedtime or only when they were in They seldom saw their fathers. The servants usually looked after them They used to give the children very little food. The children could not say anything to their parents. The servants, however, told them stories and recited the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The children kept quiet and listened to them. They almost knew those great epics by heart. Very often Rabi’s servant f, give him some food and make him sit at a window. Then he would draw a line around him with a chalk, roll his eyes and say, “Now look, young Master, stay inside this line and you’ll be safe. You know the story of Sita. L.akshmana drew a line, but she stepped over it You know what happened then. The horrible demon got there.”


Little Rabi lived in the nursery. In those days the servants looked after the children of the family. Rabi’s servant would often give him little food. Rabi could not complain to his parents. The servants would tell him stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and make him sit at the window. The servant would draw a line and told the boy not to cross the line.

Example- 5.

A mother had three sons. She used to keep jam in a meat-safe. One of the sons, a naughty boy, used to steal it. The mother could not catch the thief. At last, she hit upon a plan. Once she called in all her sons and said. “My dear ones, you see my jam is daily stolen. You all say that none of you have stolen it. But I know who the thief is. There is a piece of chalk on the head of the child who has stolen the jam.” As soon as they heard, one of the sons, put up his hand and felt his head. The mother now spotted out the thief and took him to the task.


A mother had three sons. One of them used to steal jars from his meat-safe. She was unable to catch the thief. She hit upon a plan. She called all the sons and told them that the thief had got a piece of chalk on his head. The guilty boy at once felt his head by the hand. The thief was detected and punished.


“One hot day a wolf and a bull came at the same time to drink at a small well. Both made up their minds to drink first and none would give in. From words, they soon came to blows. Thus they fought for a long time. At last, they were so tired that they were glad to take rest on the ground. As they lay on the ground they saw crowds of crows in the sky. The birds had come to feast on the one which should fall first. At this, the two beasts said in one voice. “Why should we fight and be the food of these crows? Let us make friends and drink in peace.”


A wolf and a bull came to drink from the same well. Both wanted to drink first. They fell out and fought. They became tired and took some rest_ Then they saw a group of crows over their heads. The crows came to eat the one which would die first. This was a lesson to the beasts. They made friends and drank in peace.

Example- 7.

The seasons in the tropics are quite different from the seasons in temperate and arctic countries. In the tropics, there are wet seasons and dry seasons, but the weather is hot and warm all the year round, and there are no such things as forest or ice or snow, except on the tops of high mountains. Also, there is little difference in the length of days, or in the general appearances of the vegetation there are always flowers and fruits,

and trees are always green, because, as old leaves die and fall, new leaves are already growing to take their place. In temperate and arctic countries the distinction between the seasons is marked chiefly by great changes in temperature, from the heat in summer to cold in winter, with the milder seasons of spring and autumn between.


The tropical countries have very different seasons from the seasons of the temperate and arctic countries. In the tropics it is usually hot throughout the year with a wet season in between—There is little difference in the length of days and in the appearance of vegetation in the tropics. In the Arctic countries, the difference in seasons is marked by changes in temperature.