International Day of the Girl Child

When is the International Day of the Girl Child celebrated?
In many places in the world, girls are not treated equally with boys. Girls have to face many challenges in society including violence and discrimination.

 The United Nations took an important step to put an end to such injustice when it declared 11th October as the International Day of the Girl Child. This day focuses on the challenges faced by girls and highlights their rights.

This day is very important because there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done to ensure that receive the same opportunity in education and that each is empowered to believe that she is Part of the next generation of change makers.

How Do Pencil Erasers Work?

How does an eraser work, what will you do when you make a mistake while writing with a pencil, Take an eraser and rub it out? An eraser is used for removing pencil marks from a paper.

 It is generally made up of natural or synthetic rubber, vinyl plastic or a gum-like material. Now, as you might know, a pencil’s lead is made up of graphite, water, and clay. Graphite particles stick better on an eraser than on paper. 

So, when we rub with an eraser, the graphite particles stick to the eraser and are removed from the paper. We can then make the necessary corrections.