Happy birthday Google

                      Happy birthday Google

                 The internet giant Google is celebrating the 17th birthday on 27th September 2015. The theme of Google Doodle on 27th   September is the birthday celebration.
According to record the domain google.com was officially registered on 15th September in the year 1997. Previously Google used to celebrate birthday on September 7th (The date of its first incorporation), till the year 2005. The date was changed to September 27th in the year 2005 when Google reaches a record number of indexing pages by its search engine.
       On its 16th birthday an animated doodle was posted. On that doodle six letters of Google represented six different characters. The first letter G was wearing birthday hat.

 google's 16 th birthday
On the 15th birthday an interactive version of Pinata, which is a popular birthday party game of Mexico was posted on its homepage.

 On its 14th birthday a chocolate cake doodle was posted on its homepage with 14 candles.

In the year 2011 a photograph is posted on Google doodle where there was a cake on the table.13 candles were lighted on the top of the cake. There were gifts and balloons around the table. Google logo sat surrounding the table wearing party hats.

But we become confused when we browse achieves of Google doodle. On its 4th birthday the doodle was on 27th September. But on its 5th birthday the Google doodle was on 8th September. On its 6th birthday it was September 7th. On its 7th birthday it was September 6. But from the 8th birthday onwards it seemed to us that Google settled its birthday on September 27.

                  First Google Doodle.  

            First Google Homepage.

Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Google.


Alexander the Great-Last Words (The famous inspirational story)

Alexander the Great-Last Words

(The famous inspirational story)

After conquering many kingdoms Alexander, the great Macedonian king was returning home. On his way the great commander fell ill which led him to his death bed. He realized that his captured kingdoms, strong army, sharp weapons, wealth and treasures were useless to him now. His only desire is now to reach home and see his beloved mother’s face for the last time. But he felt he would not be able to reach his far away motherland. The mighty conqueror was on his death bed waiting to breathe his last. He summoned his generals and expressed his three ultimate wishes.
1.His coffin must be carried by the best doctors after his death.
2. Along the way to his procession to the cemetery silver, gold, diamond and precious jewels should be scattered.
3.Both of his hands should be let open hanging from the coffin for everybody to see.
      One of his officers, who was very much surprised about his strange wishes asked the great king about the reason for his unusual wishes.
     The Great King explained:
1.I wish that my coffin should be carried by the best doctors. By this I want to show everybody that when death comes no doctor in the world have the power to heal you.
2. By my second wish of scattering silver, gold, diamond and other valuable jewels on the way to the graveyard I wish to show everybody that the material treasures you accumulate will remain in the earth. You cannot carry ever a fraction of gold with you.
3. I wish my both hands to swing open outside the coffin to show the people that we come to this world empty handed and we must leave empty handed from this world.


What is Happiness? How to be happy?

What is Happiness? How to be happy?

                       (A beautiful moral story)

                 Once upon a time a crow lived in a forest. He was very happy and contented in life. One day he saw a beautiful swan. The swan was pure white in colour and was very nice looking. The crow became very sad thinking that the swan is very beautiful but he is very ugly. He thought the swan is the happiest bird.
           The crow expressed his feeling to the swan. The swan replied that previously he thought that he was the most beautiful bird. But one day he saw a parrot. It has double colours. Now he thinks that parrot is the most beautiful bird.
             The crow now asked the parrot. The parrot said that he was living a very satisfied life until he saw a beautiful peacock. The parrot was double coloured but the peacock was multi-coloured.
           The crow was now very eager to talk to a peacock. He found a peacock in a zoo. He saw hundreds of curious visitors there who were gathering to see the peacock. When the visitors went away the crow went to the peacock. ‘Oh! The beautiful peacock, you are very lucky. When people see me, they immediately drive me away. But thousands of people everyday gathers to see you for a while. In my opinion, you are the happiest bird in the world.
          The peacock said, ‘I thought that I was the best looking bird in the world. It is quite right. But there is a dark side of this. For my beauty I am captured and imprisoned in this zoo. I have thoroughly observed the zoo and I have discovered that the only bird that is not kept in trap in the whole zoo is crow. Now I am thinking that if I were a bird like crow, I could freely and happily roam everywhere in joy.
        Moral: We should learn to be happy in what we have instead of looking at what we don’t have. The happiest person is he or she who is satisfied with what he or she has.


The Loving Tree


                                              There was a loving mango tree. Everyday a little boy used to come and play joyfully around the tree. The boy used to climb up the tree, ate the fruits and took rest under its shade. The loving tree also used to enjoy the company of the little kid. But as the time passes on the  little boy grew up and no longer come to the tree.

              After a long period of time the boy one day came again to the tree. He was looking sad. ‘What’s the matter? Let us play’ the tree told the boy. ‘Now I am not a little kid. I have no interest in playing with you anymore’ he replied. ‘Now I wish to play with toys, but I have no money to buy toys’. ‘Oh! I am very sorry’. ‘O.K. you may take all my fruits and collect money selling them’. The boy was very happy. He collected all the fruits from the tree and went away happily. For a long time the boy did not return. The tree became alone.

            After a long time the boy returned to the tree. Now he was a grown up man. The tree was very happy to see him again. ‘Let us play’ the tree said’. ‘There is no time to play. I have to work hard to earn money for my family. We need a lot of money to build a house for our family’. ‘Oh! I am sorry, o.k. you may cut off my branches and build a house with those. The man immediately cut off all the branches of the tree and went away happily. The tree was also very happy to see the man happy. The man did not come to the tree for a long time. The tree again became alone.

           Few years later the man returned to the tree. The tree was very delighted. ‘Let us play’, the tree said. ‘I am not happy now, I am growing old. I want a boat. I wish to sail for a long tour to relax myself. ‘O.k. you can make your boat with my log. The man immediately cut off the log to make his boat and went sailing happily. He did not come to the tree for a long time.

         After long years the man again came to the tree. ‘Sorry, my boy, now I have nothing left to help you. I have no fruits. ‘I am not able to bite’ he replied. ‘I have no branches where you can climb up and play’. ‘I am too old to do that at present’ the man replied.

       ‘The only thing that is left is my dry root’. I don’t want much now a day. I just need a quiet place to sit peacefully and take rest. I am very tired in the struggle of life’. Don’t worry you can sit on my root and sit here peacefully whenever you wish. He man sat on the dry root. Both of them were very happy with the company of each other after a long separation.

Moral: Our parents are just like this giving tree. In our younger age we play with them happily. When we grow, we forget them and come to them again only in our need. Our parents sacrifice their all to make us happy. So we should never forget their sacrifices. We should love and care our parents before it’s to late.

For the first time in the history of the world


         The name of the painting is ‘Birth’. The artist is an Indian Goanese Francis Newton Souza. In a New York auction this painting was sold for 26 crore (two hundred sixty million) rupees. In the history of the painting sailing no painting is sold for such a high price before. For the first time a painting is sold for such a high price of two hundred sixty million rupees, which is a world record. The first time a painting by an Indian is sold for this record money. The painting was bought by a painting collector of Delhi Kiran Nadar. In the year 2008 the wife of Indian industrialist Anil Ambani’s wife, Tina Ambani bought such a valuable painting from London for 2.5 million rupees. Tina Ambani bought this from London auction for her own organisation ‘Harmony Arts Foundation’.

            What is the theme of this highly priced painting? A naked pregnant woman is delivering three babies. This is the central theme of the painting.
         But why is this painting sold for such a high price? The organisers are saying that previously the paintings of Souza were not sold for such a high rate. On most of his painting exhibition half of the paintings remain unsold. In the year 1955 Souza wrote an autobiographical essay. The name of the essay was ‘Nirvana of a Maggot’. The essay was published in a magazine. After that the paintings of Souza became famous throughout the world. After the death of Souza in 2002 the value of his paintings increases more.

          Another painting of Souza named ‘Man and Woman Laughing’ was sold for 16.84 crore rupees.

Great Teachers


Who is your favourite teacher? Try to remember. There are several great teachers in history throughout the ages. Some teachers work with only one student some works with thousands.

Confucius: – Confucius was great Chinese philosopher and thinker. His teachings are very famous in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and throughout the world. His   teachings are famous as Confucianism. Confucius believed in morality and integrity. During his lifetime he influenced thousands of people.

Anne Sullivan: – 

When she was four years old Annie Sullivan became blind with a critical disease named trachoma. When she was nine she lost her mother. She was left by her father and she was sent to an orphan home. There was no opportunity for formal education. But regardless of so many hardships she became a graduate in the year 1886 at the age of 20. After doing several operations she recovered her partial eyesight. She used this gift of God for a noble work. She began teaching an impaired girl named Helen Keller. She became the first teacher who was successful in teaching a deaf and dumb girl. She made an undisciplined, impaired seven year old girl to a talented graduate of Radcliffe College.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: – 

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated in India as Teacher’s Day. Radhakrishnan came from an extremely humble family. He started his teaching career as a teacher at Madras Presidency College. Later he became Professor of Philosophy at University of Mysore. At an International congress in UK and US he represented Calcutta University. Furthermore he addressed at the famous Oxford University on comparative religion. He was the first Vice President and second President of India. There is a story that when he became President of India some of his students wanted to celebrate his birthday. But Radhakrishnan told them that he would be happier if his birthday is observed as Teacher’s Day. Since then in India his birthday 5th September is observed as Teacher’s Day.

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio: – 

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio was a famous Indian teacher, poet and a rationalist thinker. At the young age of 17 he became a teacher of Calcutta Hindu College. He taught English Literature and History. He was not an instructor only he was an inspiration to his students. He became an idol to them. The conservative people of the society forced Derozio to resign from the Hindu College with a false allegation of misleading the young generation. But Derozio was a man with an indomitable spirit. He continued his work as a rationalist thinker and educationist. He worked with David Hare and Dr. Adam. Though he was expelled from Hindu College, his students were still attached with him. The leaders of Young Bengal were created from his inspiration. His eminent students were Dakshina Mukherjee, Ram Gopal Ghose (famous politician), the Everest fame Radhanath Sikdar, the famous teacher Ramtanu Lahiri, eminent Bengali prose creator Parichand Mitra, even the famous poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta was influenced by him.