7 Ways To Stay Calm And Composed At Your Workplace

Sometimes we try to “counting to 10” and “take deep breaths” and have some o conclusion that for some of us, but there is no use of these tricks. If you are also one of them, then you have visited the right place. You desperately want to learn how to control your temper at your workplace because it offers no reason when you flare up at your colleagues one day and have no one left to sit during the lunch hour. Here are some points which help you to calm down. We can’t promise anything but it still worth a shot.

1. Eat the right kind of food

You might be notice or not, but you may be angry because of the extremely stressed at work. So have some chocolates and ice-cream it will decrease the level of your stress. If you worried about the calories, snack on blueberries, oranges or green leafy vegetables and, it will suddenly switch your mood instantly.

2. Always remember that this is a fleeting feeling

At the heat of the moment, you may want to fight back, to lash out on whoever is the cause of all the anger you may be feeling. But at times like these, it is important to tell yourself that this is not going to be forever. Remind yourself that quarreling will only aggravate the situation and land you in a broader pool of mess.

3. Remember to be polite

When you are feeling fire upon someone, always remember that there is also possible to talk and clarify all the things, just by being polite. Being polite is the only way to be.

4. Engage in some form of exercise

When you are feeling angry at your workplace do some light stretching, a simple walk or some heavy duty exercise, whatever shots your workplace. Exercise releases endorphins which are also known as feel-good hormones. This is what you need when you are angry. So if you’re pissed, get out from your workplace just for a 5-minute walk.

5. Talk to someone you trust

Talking with someone you trust, it can help the nerves quite a lot. In your workplace, if you don’t have someone whom you can trust easily then call your friends. If they are busy so call your folks. Your folks never ignore your calls and need to vent.

6. Watch something funny

This is one of the most natural things you can do. Every office has access to an internet connection to make it use of it. Watch funny and shorts video because as you know laughter is the best way to decrease your stress level.

7. Accept that some things are beyond your control

Life becomes more comfortable when you accept that life will sometimes be fair and be unfair to you and you can’t do anything about it. Don’t stick to the negative thought and go with the flow. The more you cling to view which is not positive the more your life and your mood will get piss/off.