My School,paragraph

The name of my school is MallickpurKheayali Sangha High School.

  1. My school is big, and it has a big playground in front of the school building.
  2. There is a beautiful garden with so many colourful flowers in my school.
  3. Every morning, all of us gather in the ground for morning prayers.
  4. The classrooms in my school are very beautiful.
  5. The teachers in my school are very helpful. They are very polite, and they love us.
  6. I have a lot of friends at school. I love them all.
  7. We share our food during the tiffin breaks and have a very nice time.
  8. We have an extracurricular activities class where we sing, dance, and do different things other than studying.

My Hobby Paragraph in 100 words

A hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great pleasure. It is done in my spare time. There are many hobbies. Gardening is my hobby. There is a small garden behind our house. It is full of many kinds of plants. There are also many flowering plants. Many birds come there. They sing so sweetly. I use my free time gardening. It gives me great pleasure. My parents like my hobby. They help me with it

Paragraph on My Family for Children

My name is Abhinav and I live in Delhi with my small family. I live with my parents and my sister. We have a small beautiful house. We are all very happy in our house. My parents are very good. The father is a manager in the bank. My mother is a teacher in school. My parents help me with my studies.

who are narcissist

A narcissist is a person who has an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration, with a lack of empathy for others. They often require excessive attention and praise and can manipulate or exploit others to get it. This personality disorder is characterized by grandiose behavior and thoughts, a sense of entitlement, and a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or ideal love.

Autobiography of a broken bicycle

I am a bicycle. Now I am broken and useless. I have a glorious past. A company made me and name me the B.S.A. bicycle. They colored me in black and white stripes. They sold me to a big showroom. There I made many friends. They were motorbikes and more bicycles. One day a little cute girl saw me and cried for me. Her mother brought me and took at home in a car. I was very happy. She used me to go to school and the playground. Her friends and she race among themselves. She took care of me. And she always cleans me. I am growing old. , my color faded. So, one day her father got her a new bicycle and she took me to a store room. I never forget the moment that I had with her. The past is very beautiful.

write a paragraph on the autobiography of an owl

An Autobiography of An Owl 

I am an owl. I am even known as a nocturnal bird. In the daytime, I normally remain out of sight. My activity starts at night. I roam in the forest searching for food and enjoying the silence of the night. On moonlit nights I enjoy the interplay of light and shade. When I see a mouse scampering about, I feel happy at the sight of the food. The clear sky, the moon above my head, and the silent forest make me hoot which breaks the silence of the night. But the people take it as an ominous cry. Actually very few like us remain active at night. I enjoy the very calmness and serenity of the night because I like to remain far from the noisy crowds. I feel elated when I am worshipped along with Devi Laxmi by the Hindus. 

Suppose you spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house

Suppose you spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house. Write a paragraph of about eighty words on your experience. Mention the sounds that you heard there.​

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a night camping in a forest in Rishikesh, India. It was a full moon night and there was a stream flowing nearby. All night I could hear the soothing sound of the stream trickling by.

There was also constant background music scored by the crickets. I had expected to hear the sounds of some animals, maybe the roar of a tiger.

However, no such sounds were heard.

Instead, deep into the night, I heard continuous sounds of drums being beat at a distance. The next morning, the camping staff confirmed that there was probably a wedding at some distant village located deep inside the forest, and all night I heard the drums celebrating the union of two souls.

Letter to Your Friend About the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Write a Letter to Your Friend About the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Dear Sultan,

Take my cordial love. I am glad to learn that you are all well. Listen, I have already heard from a friend of ours that you not do not read newspapers. It is a great mistake. You are a student in class eight. You know that we live in an age of science and technology but if we remain ignorant of the incidents happening in our country and in the world, we will be proved unfit for the world.

So, I advise you to read newspapers daily to be acquainted with the world’s current affairs. By reading newspapers, you can be able to know new scientific inventions, economic development, and the political situation of our country. Without this kind of knowledge, you cannot cope with others. Articles and features on culture, literature, politics, sports, trade, commerce, etc. will widen your outlook, remove the narrowness of the mind and enrich your thought.

So, do not forget to read newspapers daily. I am pretty well and your other friends too are well.  Convey my best compliments to your mother and father and love to Sumi.

Your loving friend,subhankar

Importance of Practice 💐

💐💐💐 *
In ancient times, students used to study by staying in Gurukul. The child was sent to Gurukul to get an education.
Children used to take care of the ashram in the presence of Guru in Gurukul and also studied.
Varadraj was also sent to Gurukul like everyone else.
Got to dissolve with my colleagues there in the ashram.
But he was too weak to read.
Anything of Guruji was understood by him very little. This is why he causes ridicule among all.
All his mates went to the next class but he couldn’t move forward.
Even Guruji gave up and said to him, ′′ Son Varadaraj! I have tried all the efforts.
Now it’s better not to waste your time here.
Go to your home and help the family work. ′′ I’m going to be
Varadraj also thought that maybe knowledge is not in my fate. And he left Gurukul for a home with a heavy heart.
It was time for the afternoon. On the way, she started feeling thirsty.
Looking around, he found that some women were filling water from the well at a little distance. He went to the well.
There were scars from the rope coming on the stones, so he asked the women, ′′ How do you make this mark. ′′ I’m going to be
So one woman replied, ′′ Son we didn’t make this mark. These are the marks on the solid stone as this soft rope repeatedly came while pulling water. ′′ I’m going to be
Varadaraj got into thinking.
He thought why can’t I learn from continuous practice when a gentle rope repeatedly can make deep marks on a solid stone.
Varadraj came back to Gurukul with lots of enthusiasm and worked tirelessly.
Guruji also was happy and supported a lot.
After a few years, this retarded child Varadaraj went ahead and became a great scholar of Sanskrit grammar. The one who created Lagusidhan Takomudi, Madh Yasidhan Takomudi, Sarasidhan Takomudi, Girvanpadamanjari.
Education (Moral):
Friends, what does the power of practice have to say. It will fulfill your every dream. The practice is very important whether it is in sports or in studies or something else. You can’t succeed without practice.
If you rely only on luck without practice, then I will not touch you anything but regrets. So, with practice, patience, hard work, and passion, you should be united to achieve your destination.